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Lenten Calendar
Submitted by Sharmane Adams,


Lenten Calendar

Thank you to one of our favorite Catholic musicians, Sharmane Adams, for submitting the following wonderful idea for Lent. Sharmane shares the following:

I have an idea to offer to It is a Lenten calendar for your children. My kids and I made it together. Each day of lent we gather together and say a prayer. The prayer is this:

"Oh, Jesus, I give you today, all that I think and do and say, Oh Mary, I love you and pray, more love today than yesterday. Oh God, be with me today. Be by my side forever to stay. Amen. Then, we have intentions that my husband and I pray for .. for that given day of the week.

Weekly Intentions:
Sunday: End of Abortion
Monday: Peace: World, Self, Family
Tuesday: Priests: Their Holiness, Pray the Rosary
Wednesday: Family: Spouse, Children - Immediate
Thursday: Praise: Thanksgiving, Joy
Friday: Passion: Stations of the Cross
Saturday: Own Home: Blessing, Peace

Then each day of Lent your children do Alms by counting things -- each day is different. For the number of things they count throughout the house or wherever, they have to give coins in the amount of what they counted. Then at the end of lent, they place all of the money they collected from their banks in the rice bowl at church.

Here are some ideas we do: Tables, Pictures on the walls, pages in newspaper, trash cans, trees in the yard, napkins in the drawer, etc.

One year we were staying in a hotel and that particular day, the children had to count doors. They counted hundreds of doors. It was so much fun! My children are now 8 and 10 and they still look forward to doing the calendar every year.

God Bless,


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