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Bezalel BooksBezalel Books Family Book Club
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Bezalel Books is pleased to announce
the Family Book Club

in association with

Registation Form and Additional Information

Bezalel’s Family Book Club is intended to foster family time that focuses on literature written by Catholic authors that promotes quality discussions, fun entertainment, and reinforces values embraced by Christian families.

The book club features ten different books and allows families admission to an online forum where they will find author questions, contemplations, and insights. While restricted by time and quantity of reader responses, authors will moderate online discussions to which participating families have access (parents are the only members given this access). Parents are encouraged to read and share some of the discussion taking place for each book even if they choose not to participate in the online discussions.

The overall goal of this book club is to provide families a way to spend time together, immersed in books written by Catholic authors. Authors will provide thought-provoking questions for families to discuss amongst themselves and will be available to answer reader questions (within time and quantity limits). Only the parents will have access to the online discussions. Parents that choose to may certainly have their children sit with them as they read through reader and author discussions, thus promoting their own discussions as well.

Additional Information:

  • Registation Form and Additional Information
  • The family member focus is only a suggestion and Bezalel encourages all members to participate in the club at one point or another!
  • Book substitutions cannot be made.
  • Cost is $99.00
  • Book substitutions cannot be made
  • Questions can be directed to [email protected], please enter “book club questions” in subject line

    The book club will run according to the following schedule:
Title and Author

Family Member Focus

Dates of Author
Moderated Discussions
(only parents have access to forum)

Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage by Cheryl Dickow
January 31-February 2 moderated by Cheryl Dickow
Gabriel, Blow Your Horn! by Sister Carolyn Callahan
Dad and teenage son(s)
February 29-March 1 moderated by C. S. Callahan
Joseph’s Hands by Kety Sabatini, Sweet Tweets by Trudy Schubert, and Where the Leprechauns Hide by Charlene Hoyt

Mom, Dad,

children 3-8

March 14-15 moderated by Trudy Schubert
The Story of Peace by Miriam Ezeh
Mom and teenage daughter(s)
April 25 moderated by Cheryl Dickow or Cathy Adamkiewicz
The Green Coat by Rosemary McDunn and My Big Feet by Joan L. Kelly
Mom and/or Dad and children aged 9-13
May 23- 24 moderated by Joan L. Kelly and Rosemary McDunn
Broken and Blessed by Cathy Adamkiewicz and Raising Christian Children in a Secular World by Cheryl Dickow
Mom and Dad
June 27-June 28 moderated by Cathy Adamkiewicz

Registation Form and Additional Information



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