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Catholic Mom Book Club

Welcome to the Catholic Mom Book Club.  Our goal is to promote quality works by Catholic authors or works promoting Catholic themes.  To get started reading right away, simply click on the underlined title of the book to order the book online from, and have it delivered right to your front door.  When you order a book from or  Barnes & by clicking on the title here at Catholic Mom, we earn a small commission on your purchase.  Our commission enables to continue to grow and reach out to Catholic parents.   


Special Book Club Focus - Catholic Poems and Poetry

Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul
Selected and Introduced by Judith Valente and Charles Reynard

This unique collection of poetry connects readers with the sacred, the holy, and the divine. With sensitive commentary, they show how great poetry can help us recognize and respond to God. Poets include Mary Oliver, Billy Collins, Stanley Kunitz, M. S. Merwin, Charles Wright, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Holy Haikus
by Katha Winther

A haiku is a Japanese verse form comprised of three lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Holy Haikus includes over one thousand haikus complete with scripture references to encourage further Bible reading. This serious to zany poetry is very unique and a bit unusual. Everyone can learn more about the Bible in a fun, easy, quick and entertaining way by reading Holy Haikus. People of all ages (youth to senior citizens) and all knowledge levels (novices to theologians) can glean something from these simple, easy-to-read poems. Various chapter listings include Bible animals, books, botany, clothes, food, miracles, music, parables, places, prayers, sports, and more. There's even a haiku chapter on Bible passions! The Bible is a top-seller in our society today. Let Holy Haikus help you learn about the Good Book.


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