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Lunchtime Love Notes
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Lunch Bag Notes: Everyday Advice From A Dad To His Daughter
by Ann Marie and Al Parisi
by Lisa M. Hendey

The introduction to Lunch Bag Notes: Everyday Advice From A Dad To His Daughter gives some background to the tender father-daughter relationship between Ann Marie Parisi and her father Al Parisi. Following a debilitating illness, Al Parisi becomes a full time "stay at home" dad.  I found this portion of the book to be both touching and inspirational. Rather than being sidelined or defeated by the "cross" he had to bear, Al Parisi threw himself into a new role and has doubtless touched multiple lives by fully embracing his role as father.

Al's notes to his daughter Ann Marie, and eventually to her group of friends, are now a gift to anyone looking for a little introspection. The book presents both Al's original lunch bag notes and a journal response section for each with multiple prompting questions.

Aimed at teens, the book would make an excellent gift for any young man or woman who is looking for encouragement and guidance along life's path. I would also love to see parents use this book as a springboard for conversation with their children. We can all be inspired by Ann Marie and Al, and their efforts to build lifelong communication through the gift of writing.

Brother  Anthony Gets in on the Act

As in the previous Lunch Bag Notes book, the primary author of More Lunch Bag Notes: Everyday Advice From A Dad To His Son is Al Parisi and the focal point of the book are the notes written by a great dad. But in this book, the recipient of the notes is Anthony, Al's son.

Al's notes to Anthony, shared in the body of this book, are sure to enlighten and inspire any teen or adult. Each note is accompanied by a journal entry, complete with prompting questions.

I love Al's insights and have used them as a springboard for discussions with my own children. This book will definitely inspire any parent to put their words of love and encouragement into writing for their children!


Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader of Catholic literature. Visit her at for more information.

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