Catholic Mom Book Spotlight

Your Signature Work: Creating Excellence and Influencing Others at Work
by Dianna Booher
225 pages
Tyndale House Publishers; (August 30, 2004)


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With her newly released book Your Signature Work: Creating Excellence and Influencing Others at Work (Tyndale House Publishers, August 2004, paperback, 225 pages) author Dianna Booher offers readers pragmatic and accomplishable strategies for transitioning to “star performer” status in the workplace, home or volunteer profession.

Booher promotes the concept of working with a style and attitude that attracts attention, heightens productivity and delivers results. As a byproduct of applying principles of integrity, morality and leadership in the work arena, professionals walk away with the satisfaction of having added their own “signature” to the work they do each day.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dianna Booher about her career and
Your Signature Work and am happy to share her comments and suggestions.

LH: A special thank you to Dianna Booher, author of
Your Signature Work, for taking time to participate in this Book Spotlight interview. Dianna, could you please start by giving some background about yourself, your family and your business background?

DB: I stay busy for sure. My calling has been to write. Although I had a teaching degree, I was a stay-at-home mom with 2 toddlers until age 27, when my husband's struggle with mental illness became a big issue for our family. It dawned on me that I was going to be our sole support soon, and that I'd better find a way to make a living that allowed flexibility in my schedule. That was 42 books ago. When God calls you to do something, He opens the doors. As my first book was published by a major publisher with wide distribution, I began to receive calls from corporations and organizations, asking me to speak to their groups on the topic of communication (my most frequent book topic). That was the beginning of my training business and speaking career. I founded Booher Consultants, a communication training firm in the Dallas area, and here we are 24 years later, serving about 227 of the Fortune 500 companies. I've been very blessed to find something I love to do--and be able to do it for a lifetime.

LH: How can busy wives and mothers benefit from taking the time to read
Your Signature Work and what strategies do you feel apply especially to women in the workplace?

Your Signature Work applies to ANYONE doing a job and fulfilling their calling--at home, as a volunteer in the community, as a church worker. The principles apply to anyone who wants to contribute to the world---to influence and lead others. The principles can apply to work and projects moms do at the local PTA, for a political campaign, or on family projects like organizing a reunion. They are principles of personal commitment, accountability, and pride in work/projects well done. In fact, the principles here are useful any time you have to deal with people to accomplish a goal.

Another interest to working moms: These are the principles, habits, and attitudes moms need to instill in their children to be successful at school and at their work later in life.

Women working outside the home, especially, can benefit from the book. Far too many have either experienced the glass ceiling or otherwise run into a brick wall and become puzzled about what to do to advance in their company. This book is about developing the right habits, mindset, and tactics to create and demonstrate your value to the organization and to your clients.

LH: How has your Christian faith impacted upon your professional life? How can Christians translate biblical principles into commitment to professional excellence?

DB: My faith has been the foundation of my entire career. My writing is my mission, so, of course, in many of my books, my theme or topic has been a Christian one. However, even in the mainstream marketplace when speaking at major corporations about a business topic, I aim to let my faith and values show through as I speak about "secular" topics.

My faith also is the foundation for running our training company. We try to live out the biblical principles about business in all our operations. For example, we put the Golden Rule into effect by the way we serve our clients. We tell the truth. We deal honestly in our fees charged to clients and in paying our suppliers promptly. We handle our finances in line with biblical principles. We do our work "with all our strength" as the Bible commands--doing our very best to produce and deliver quality products and services. We show love and respect for the individual--the public, our clients, our employees. And in both good and bad economic times or personal tragedies, we depend on God for strength and for guidance in decision making. We pray about our clients, we pray for our employees, and we pray for help to do what's best and accomplish God's purpose for us.

LH: What message do you hope that readers take away from the experience of reading
Your Signature Work?

DB: The concept of "a signature" (as used in the book title) is an important one for us as individuals and one to instill in our family and friends: When an artisan signs his or her work of art, it indicates pride of personal commitment and accomplishment. When fans ask a sports figure for an autograph, it suggests their competence is recognized by others. When any of us sign paperwork--a marriage license, driver's license, or credit card--it signifies authority and responsibility. All those same things should be apparent as we live our lives----personal commitment to our projects, competence, and accountability and responsibility for results.

LH: Are there any closing thoughts you'd like to share with our readers?

DB: As Christians, we should set the example in the marketplace. We should live out our faith by being the ultimate example of what the Bible teaches about work, personal accountability, and relationships. The more committed and competent we are at work, the larger platform we earn to share our values and faith.


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