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Ten Year Old Author Shares Her Faith
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Dazzled by a mid-summer’s elementary school visit and performance by author and publisher, Lisa Umina and her side-kick Milo, first-grader Danielle Schillero set out to become one of Cleveland’s youngest and most inspirational authors and illustrators. Schillero has proven that, even at a young age, dreams can be reached and goals can be accomplished as long as you have drive, ambition and God by your side.

One sunny morning back in June of 2002, Umina and her storybook character, Milo, set out to visit Northfield Center’s St. Barnabas School to talk to the children there about their friendship with God. They talked about Milo’s search for his best friend and his discovery that, ultimately, God is the One that is always there for him. Their message was well received by all the students but little did they know at the time that their words were especially inspiring to a certain bright-eyed first grader named Danielle!

That very night, Danielle went home and told her Mom and Dad about her visit with Milo and that she, too, wanted to write and illustrate a book about her own relationship with God. So, at 7 years old, Danielle wrote and illustrated, God Is With Me, a moving tale about a child’s intimate connection with her Creator. Over the past three years, Danielle has continued her mission by inspiring her peers to accept God by allowing Him to help them follow and achieve their dreams. “It’s important for children to know they can talk to God anywhere,” says Danielle. “God is so important to our world and is with us everywhere, no matter what we’re doing.” Danielle has been instrumental in spreading God’s Word through her various appearances at schools and special events around the Cleveland area. Now at age 10, Danielle has published a second edition of God Is With Me that includes more pages and is available in hard cover.

Halo Publishing International, owned by Umina, is also very happy and excited about facilitating Schillero’s promotion of her book. “In a lot of ways Danielle reminds me of myself,” stated Umina as she reflected on her own leap of faith when deciding to switch careers in order to follow her dream. Umina admires Danielle for the drive, determination and enthusiasm she exhibits when reaching out to other children with her special message.

Danielle lives with her Mom, Dad, two sisters; Nicole and Samantha and brother Vincent and continues to attend St. Barnabas School in Northfield Center. To learn more about Danielle Schillero and her aspirations or to order her book, please visit

Halo Publishing International is based in Independence, Ohio and Mexico City, Mexico. For media kit, review copy, excerpted articles, or to arrange an interview with author Danielle Schillero, contact Halo Publishing International at 216-402-5125. For more information visit

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