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Carla C. Cain
Catholic Author

My Story by Francis the Bird

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The beautiful season of Spring calls to mind new life, growth, rebirth and awakening in my heart.  It's a time of the year I love, as I find myself thanking God for the richness of his blessings in my own life and for the beauty of my environment.  My Story by Francis the Bird is the perfect book for springtime, with themes of hope, compassion, courage and generosity.  I thank author Carla C. Cain for sharing her experience of writing My Story by Francis the Bird and invite you to visit Francis' web site at for more insight on this delightful book.

Lisa, Webmaster,

Some of the most wonderful things in life happen unexpectedly and at the time seem quite random.  It is not until later that we start wondering if that event happened for a reason and perhaps wasn’t so random after all.  I believe this is called fate and that is exactly what happened with this fragile infant sparrow that I happened upon. With a strong background in commercial and art photography, it was only natural that I would immediately take pictures of this spirited baby and continue to do so until he was set free.  Then, as a birthday present for my step-grandson, I dusted off my long-dormant writing skills and created a homemade picture book.  Then, fate really stepped in!  All the young mothers at the party wanted a copy of Francis.  And this is how one accidentally becomes a writer of children’s books!

It is only now when the experience has been recorded and the book produced, that I can step back and analyze, with the help of others (especially children) the importance of my experience with one of God’s tiniest creatures.  Through this story and this little sparrow’s actions children are encouraged to develop many significant qualities.  Among these are hope, compassion, nurturing, faith, courage, humor, imagination, and generosity.  These are the gentle lessons that I learned from caring for this animal and they are easily imparted on children by way of Francis’s examples.  Francis addresses the readers youngster to youngster and reassures them about the many trials and errors of childhood.  He becomes their trusted friend.

I truly believe this book happened for a reason.  I think this book is sorely needed in these complicated times.  It is a simple story.  It is a true story. And it is as honest and basic as nature.  It IS nature and like many other aspects of God’s natural gifts to us it conveys His messages through one his often overlooked messengers.

If there is one most memorable thing that I learned from this experience it is that “it’s all going to be OK” and that “this too soon shall pass”.  If you ask me how I know this, I’ll tell you that a little bird told me!

Carla C. Cain, Author

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