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Holy Cards
by Sandra Dipasqua, Barbara Calamari
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Harry N Abrams; (March 1, 2004)

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In my personal library, I have many volumes dedicated to the lives of the Saints. Now that I have acquired Holy Cards, it holds a special place in my library, but can be found more frequently displayed in my living room. The book is a beautiful collection of 110 cards from the exquisite collection of Father Eugene Carrella, one of the foremost collectors of this art form.  The book is divided thematically into groupings of cards, each of which contain a brief biography of the saint pictured. One might be tempted to purchase this book for the joy of looking at the artwork, but the insights presented on the lives of these holy men and women are not to be overlooked.  I highly recommend this book either as a gift or as a treasured addition to your own library. Recommends


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Written and designed by authors who have previously published on Catholic themes to a lay audience, this book focuses on a highly popular and collectible form of folk and devotional art, and features images from the pantheon of major religious figures in Catholicism.

About the Author
Barbara Calamari is a freelance writer who has worked in both film and television. Sandra Di Pasqua is a graphic designer and art director. Both authors live in New York City.

Book Description
Holy cards offer comfort, consolation, and encouragement to Catholics, who often carry these portable images of their favorite saints with them and use them in daily religious ritual. Given as remembrances at wakes and funerals, communions and confirmations, holy cards are also a widely popular-and highly collectible-form of folk art. This handsome volume, the only book available on the subject, is both a rich illustrated survey of this devotional art and a gallery of saints organized thematically along with brief biographies, attributes, and powers.
Prophets and angels, disciples and evangelists, martyrs and hermits, visionaries and mystics are among the religious figures in Catholicism represented here-in exquisite turn-of-the-century depictions that are at times dramatic or disturbing, at times moving or comforting. Barbara Calamari and Sandra Di Pasqua, who also collaborated on Novena and Holy Places, explain the often enigmatic symbolism in these cards in a beautiful book that makes an ideal gift for first communion, confirmation, or graduation. Recommends


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