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Lion Misses Breakfast
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Two New Board Books Tell Old Stories from a New Perspective

With two new additions to its Bible Animal Board Book series, Kregel publishing tells biblical stories from a fresh point of view. Both sturdy board books, released in March 2004, are affordably priced and will hold up to daily reading by preschool aged children.

Elephant Keeps Safe - Noah's Story from Elephant's Perspective

In this fun board book, the story of Noah's ark is told from the perspective of Elephant, who hates rain but helps to build the Ark. Young readers will enjoy hearing this story from a different perspective. A reference at the end of the book directs readers to the Bible reference for the Genesis version of the story. This book is available online by visiting Amazon

Lion Misses Breakfast - Daniel's Tale as it relates to Lion

In this sturdy board book, the biblical story of Daniel in the lion's den is told from the perspective of Lion, who despite being fierce and brace is captured and thrown into the lion's den. Daniel's prayers to God are answered and he remains safe when thrown to the lions, but Lion misses his breakfast. A biblical reference to the real story in the Old Testament book of Daniel is offered at the end of the book. This book is available online by visiting Amazon.

These timeless stories benefit from the fun of hearing them through new eyes. Families should enjoy sharing these books and then turning to the Bible for "the rest of the story".

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