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Catholic Mom Recommends:

The Jesus Garden: An Easter Legend
by Antoinette Bosco


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An Easter Treasure for Your Family
Review of The Jesus Garden: An Easter Legend by Antoinette Bosco
By Lisa M. Hendey

Certain books hold a special place in the heart of any parent, and on the family bookshelf - The Jesus Garden: An Easter Legend (Pauline Books & Media, February 2004, hardcover, 44 pages) is destined to join the ranks of these precious few.  Antoinette Bosco's wonderful book for children examines the passion of Jesus Christ from the perspective of the plants and animals who fill his favorite garden.  The opening pages of the book enable this love story to play out, introducing us to the dogwoods, the robin, the heart-shaped flowers, and of course their special friend Jesus. 

As the story plays out, we follow the Passion story from the moment of the agony in the Garden, through the Crucifixion, and ultimately Jesus' Resurrection.  Most children's books that I've seen on this topic can be rather frightening, but Bosco and illustrator Patricia Mattozzi have managed to relay the story of Jesus' death in a manner which is gentle and not frightening.  Mattozzi's illustrations are wonderful, luminescent depictions that warm the beautiful tale Bosco has crafted.

The book's subtitle rightly calls this "An Easter Legend", for there are indeed some imaginary aspects to the story, but its main theme of Jesus Christ's transcendent love for each of us shines through.  Don't save this one for Easter - it's a story to be loved all year through!

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