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All Safe on Board
by Mig Holder

This delightful and original story tells how all the animals (including even the sleepy Dormouse) helped old Noah and his family build the Ark and fill it with living creatures before the great flood came.

The book follows the adventures of the animals, led by the ever-resourceful goat, until everyone is safe on board the Ark, ready to weather the flood. Recommends

All Safe on Board
by Mig Holder
Hardcover: 32 pages
Candle Books; (May 1, 2004)

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Teaching Children that Working Together Works 

In the new picture book All Safe on Board (Candle Books, May 2004) author Mig Holder retells the age old story of the building of Noah's Ark, emphasizing the assistance of Noah's many animal friends in getting the job done on time. 

This 32 page hardcover book, engagingly illustrated by animal artist Steve Smallman, highlights the days leading up to the great flood.  Goat, Hippo, Elephant and even little Dormouse get in on the act, working behind the scenes to help Noah and his family with the huge amount of work to be done. 

The book is intended for readers ages five through seven, but teachers, Moms and Dads will find plenty to chuckle about when sharing this story with kids of all ages.  The book even features two special "flip out" pages with riotous illustrations of the whole crew. 

All Safe on Board is available by visiting Amazon.

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