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The Wonderful World God Made


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The story of creation, as told in the biblical book of Genesis, remains a favorite topic for children young and old.  A new book, The Wonderful World God Made, gives this age-old tale new life in an exciting fashion.  This beautiful, 32 page hardcover edition was released in February 2004 by Kregel Publications.

Author P.J. Lyons sets the account to rhyming verse, while the gorgeous illustrations of Lori Esposito bring the story to life.  Lyons’ verse offers a building repetition that will draw in younger readers.  The edition’s intended audience is stated as children over five years of age, but will I believe the book’s artwork will captivate older readers and adults, who will notice new detail on each page as the story unfolds.

The Wonderful World God Made would make an excellent gift for religious celebrations, and will round out any family’s library of favorites.   

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