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Pudge Ate a Prophet: A Big Fish Tale
by Dan and Damon J. Taylor, Illustrated by Damon J. Taylor

Hardcover, 32 pages, Kregel Publications, February 2004
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Pudge Ate a Prophet: A Big Fish Tale is a fun retelling of the biblical story of Jonah.  "Pudge" the whale, whose real name is Otis, grew up bring big (thus his nickname) and teased by the other kids at Flipper Elementary.  Pudge never understood the reason God had made him so large, until the day God introduced him to a prophet named Jonah and sent him on a special mission.

This 32 page hardcover book, released in February 2004 by Kregel publications, features delightful illustrations by Damon J. Taylor.

Pudge Ate a Prophet is a book that will help young readers and their parents appreciate what makes them special and unique.  The book comes with helpful discussion questions and a guide for parents which will help families to "celebrate differences" and know that each of us has a unique purpose in life.

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