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Catholic Mom Children's Book Spotlight

The Harbor Light
by Eric Walls
Kregel Kidzone, January 2006
Hardcover, 32 pages


Don’t Hide Your Light
Book Review – The Harbor Light by Eric Walls
Reviewed by Lisa M. Hendey

Kids face a variety of challenges growing up in today’s complex world.  Media role models and pressure from friends to “fit in” seem to come at an ever earlier age.  As parents, we are challenged to equip our children with the tools to stand up for the things they believe in and to make right choices.

In his new book The Harbor Light (Kregel Kidzone, January 2006, hardcover, 32 pages) author and animator Eric Walls introduces a loveable new character, Lighthouse.  Like today’s average kid, Lighthouse wants to “fit in”, to have friends, and to be cool.  But he also carries some pretty major responsibilities:  it is his job to shine his light, day and night, as a safe haven for all to see.

Lighthouse knows his duties, but faces isolation, temptation, and peer pressure from others.   He wants friends and popularity, but he may have to hurt others or turn his back on his duties to attain this.  As the story unfolds, we see Lighthouse’s choices, and their results, in an exciting story that ends up teaching us a big lesson.

Kids of any age will enjoy this lively new character and will benefit from the important life lessons presented.  We each possess a “light” within, and a responsibility to share that light with those around us.  If we hide our light, we hurt ourselves and others.  By teaching our children to recognize and to share their light, we pave the way for their happiness and ultimately for helping them to be the best people they can be.  With a little help from Lighthouse and The Harbor Light, life’s challenges and temptations may seem just a little easier to understand and navigate.

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Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader.   Visit her at

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