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Rosary Meditations for Real Life
by James M. Hahn

One of the benefits of building the web site has been my growing ability to interact with wonderful Catholic families around the world.  So many families are working to spread the Good News of our faith - James Hahn and his family are a great example!  I hope you enjoy reading the information below about how the Hahn family has translated faith into action.  I use James Hahn's wonderful book Rosary Meditations for Real Life each week during my Eucharistic holy hour and know that you too will find it to be a fantastic devotional aid.  The Hahn family and their friends lovingly craft homemade Rosaries to accompany each book ordered.  When you purchase your book from James Hahn, be sure to thank him for sharing this inspiring story at!

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Rosary Meditations for Real Life
Real Life Rosary, 2003, 231 pages

Discover your life within the Mysteries of the Rosary. Unique meditations on marriage, children, the Mass, addiction, work, and more. This book was written to help you find meaning in everyday life events. By contemplating these events we can draw closer to Mary and ultimately to Christ.
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The Story behind Rosary Meditations for Real Life
by James M. Hahn

Rosary Meditations for Real Life is a product of my desire to contemplate the mysteries of the Rosary more fully and an attempt to answer the call of Pope John Paul II to "...sit at the school of Mary and contemplate the beauty of the face of Christ and to experience the depths of His love."

Every aspect of our daily life can be found within the mysteries of the Rosary. In this book I have taken seven "life experiences" and found them hidden deep within the mysteries of the Rosary. Each mystery takes on new life when we learn to see those mysteries in everything we do. Eventually we can learn to "pray without ceasing" by applying the mysteries of the Rosary, the mysteries of Christ's life, to our own lives. This book addresses work, children, marriage, addiction, death, and the Mass. In addition there are unique meditations written from a first person point of view. The Joyful Mysteries are presented through the eyes of St. Joseph. The Sorrowful Mysteries are movingly narrated through the experiences of St. John. The Glorious Mysteries are brought to the heights of ecstasy by the Blessed Mother and the Luminous Mysteries are explained by various contemporaries of Our Lord including Judas.

This book has become a great help for those struggling to find meaning in their work or direction in their marriage. It has been used by grieving parents and Alcoholics Anonymous groups. It is a great introduction to the Rosary as well as a meaningful prayer aide for those who have prayed the Rosary for years. Many Protestant friends and family have used it as a daily devotional and it has given them a new perspective on Mary and the Rosary. This truly is a book for everyone because it is a book about real life and the events we all experience at one time or another to one degree or another.

In my most recent meditations, which will be included in the next book, I examine the Joyful Mysteries of Eucharistic Adoration and give tribute and praise to mothers with the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary for Mother's Day. Both of these unique meditations, as well as others, can be downloaded for free from our website. I also take requests for meditations on specific topics or for special events. For instance, people have contacted me to write meditations for birthdays, weddings, and youth retreats.

A free corded knot rosary is included with every order. These rosaries are hand made by my wife, myself, our parents, and many friends. A free rosary (mail-in) can also be requested through the website.

To Contact the Hahn Family:

James M. Hahn
Real Life Rosary
P.O. Box 163
Logan, OH 43138

AIM - realliferosary
[email protected]

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