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 Come and See Catholic Bible Study Resources



Catholic Mom Book Spotlight

Listen to our Catholic Moments Interview with Laurie Manhardt

Catholic Bible StudyCome and See: Moses and the Torah (Come and See Catholic Bible Study)
by Fr Joseph Ponessa, S.S.D. and Laurie Watson Manhardt, Ph.D
Emmaus Road Publishing (July, 2007), Paperback: 220 pages

Come and See: KIDS, Friends of God (Come and See Kids) 
by Laurie Watson Manhardt, Ph.D., Aileen Co, and Melissa Daton
Emmaus Road Publishing (September, 2007), Paperback: 128 pages

Series Co-Author Laurie Manhardt has graciously offered to give away 30 complimentary Catholic Bible Study packets for the first 30 readers who request them and are seriously considering starting a Bible Study in their home or parish. Choose from either:

  • The Gospel of John with the promotional DVD and the companion book for pre-school to early elementary children, The Life of Jesus
  • Moses and the Torah with the promotional DVD and the companion book for pre-school to early elementary children, Friends of God

Email with your name, full mailing address and the name of the Study you are interested in receiving. This offer is available as long as supplies last.


Catholic Bible Study Resources Continue to Expand
Catholic Author Interview with Laurie Watson Manhardt, Ph.D.
Come and See: Moses and the Torah (Come and See Catholic Bible Study)Catholic Bible Study
Come and See: KIDS, Friends of God (Come and See Kids)Catholic bible study 

Q: What makes the Come and See ~ Catholic Bible Study different from others?

A: While there are many excellent Bible Studies in the market place, Come and See ~ Catholic Bible Study offers an orthodox, Catholic perspective on the Sacred Scriptures written by a team of Catholic priest biblical scholars and a laywoman, a Catholic mom and grandmother. The primary biblical scholars are: Father Joseph Ponessa, a parish priest from Glendive, Montana who has a doctorate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, Mosignor Jan Majernik, a Slovak priest who has a doctorate from the Franciscan School of Biblical Studies in Jerusalem, and Father Jan Liesen a Deuterocanonical Scholar from the Netherlands, and a member of the Papal Theological Commission.

Come and See studies offer excellent commentary from these fine priests of the Church in a format that is easy for a busy lay person to read and study. The commentaries try to teach and inspire, while the home study questions provide an opportunity for personal reflection and application to one's personal life.

The Come and See series is being used in a variety of situations. Home Schooling families use this for their family Bible Study night. Teen-agers use this for Teen Bible Study. Moms and Tots groups have some women take turns teaching the children with our children's books while the other mothers discuss the adult study. Parishes use Come and See as their parish Bible Study offering. My husband and I do a couples' Come and See Bible Study in our home with a group of couples in mixed marriages. Some retired religious sisters in Missouri are doing this study in their convent. And some have chosen to offer this study to inmates as part of their prison ministry. The Holy Spirit surprises us with more applications than we ever envisioned.

Q: What books are currently available in the Come and See ~ Catholic Bible Study series?

The adult books are:

The Gospel of John
Prophets and Apostles
The Synoptics: Matthew, Mark and Luke
David and the Psalms (Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, and Psalms)
Moses and the Torah (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)

The children's books are:

The Life of Jesus
In the Beginning (The story of Genesis)
Friends of God

Q: What would a normal Bible Study session look like?

First people gather and pray. Then with the teens, we take turns reading the Bible chapter and the commentary aloud. Discuss the home study questions, and then watch the video-taped wrap-up lecture, closing with prayer and perhaps some refreshments. Some people like to watch the video first while people are gathering. In the videos, additional information is offered to complement what is in the book.

Q: Why would someone want to do this particular Bible Study?

The Come and See Bible Study stimulates personal growth and knowledge of God and His Word. There is also the opportunity for evangelism and discipleship. While growing closer to the Lord, you can invite others to join your study. There is also the provision for young children to learn about God and His Word. Children can learn bible stories, Catholic prayers, color and make crafts.

Q: What is significant about the most recent book, Moses and the Torah?

Moses and the Torah starts with a pro-life victory when the midwives defy Pharaoh and let the Hebrew baby boys live. Then, study the Ten Commandments, which are the foundation for any civilized society. Finally there are the Feasts of Israel and the explanation of Mosaic marriage laws. Given the attack that the institution of marriage faces in our culture, it can be fruitful to study God's original plan.

In the videotapes, you can also see a Jewish-Catholic wife and mother of four children, Debra Rosenstein Herbeck blowing the shofar and praying the Shema in Hebrew. She also gives a number of the introductory Scripture readings.

Q: You have something to offer to Catholic Moms, don't you?

Yes, Lisa, I'm very impressed with Catholic mothers and fathers today. The witness of Catholic family life in our society is heroic, counter-cultural, and essential to the survival of our society. As the family goes, so goes the nation. Father Ponessa and I would like to offer 30 free book packets to your readers.

For the first 30 people who request them, we will send out a packet of either:

A) The Gospel of John with the promotional DVD and the companion book for pre-school to early elementary children, The Life of Jesus, or

B) Moses and the Torah with the promotional DVD and the companion book for pre-school to early elementary children, Friends of God.

Just ask for either The Gospel of John,or Moses and the Torah

Q: Could someone also get more information on the Internet?

Yes, you can also go to and click onto the "Current Books" page, where you can download the Introduction and first chapter of our book on "Genesis".  The introduction gives some nuts and bolts information on how to start a bible study in your home or parish.

Q: What if someone is doing Bible Study at home and a person poses a question that no one can answer?

Just Email me with your question, and I will contact one of our biblical scholars and get back you with a response as soon as possible. The Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church are rich resources. But, none of us can comprehend all of the mysteries of our faith. Some of our questions won't be answered this side of heaven. So, it's perfectly fine to say, "I don't know the answer to that, but let me research this for next week and get back to you."

Q: How would you answer someone who would like to do this Bible Study, but is just too busy?

If God took all the trouble to inspire the authors of Sacred Scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit, doesn't it behoove us to set aside some time each week to study His Word? This study can be done while the children are napping or while older children are doing their homework. I'm always inspired when I see mothers with young children setting aside time to study God's Word and to share their faith with others. So many people in our society are unhappy and hungry for God. Bible Study is a way in which we can reach out and feed the spiritually poor and needy. And in sharing God's Word with others, God returns blessings above and beyond what you could ever have imagined. You just can't outdo God in generosity!

Q: How can I get some promotional Bible Study materials?

Just Email me at with your name, full street address and zip code, and request either:

A) The Gospel of John or
B) Moses and the Torah.

Q: If I like the promotional materials for this study and want to order more books for my group, what should I do?

Just call Emmaus Road at 1 (800) 398-5470 to get more books or go to the Internet at to order (or order your books here through our Amazon links).

Q: Do you have a final thought or prayer?

May God bless you and plant His Word deep in your heart. May Bible Study be the means to draw you and your family deeper into God's love and provide greater love and affection for each person in your family. May God's love spill over into your neighborhood, and the Church, and the whole world to the greater honor and glory of God.

Listen to our Catholic Moments Interview with Laurie Manhardt

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader of Catholic literature. Visit her at for more information.

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