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"It's All Good"
by Cheryl L. Butler

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by Cheryl L. Butler, Christ The King, Rhode Island


This fun and whimsical activity is perfect to help welcome in spring.  I generally use this windsock craft to reinforce the lesson my 2nd Grade First Communion students have just studied called “We Share Jesus”.  This chapter teaches the children that one of the important requirements for receiving Communion is a desire to do so.  We talk about how family members nourish one another through the sharing of food, prayer, ideas and love.

As the children decorate their windsocks, they think about all the things that they, as 2nd Graders, can share with others.  The theme of Sharing as Jesus did is reinforced as they have fun with this hands-on activity.

Craft Materials:

  • Markers
  • I SHARE printed from the computer
  • Crayons
  • Glitter
  • Construction Paper/Heavy Cardstock is best
  • Glue/Glue Sticks
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • String
  • Stapler

Time Needed: 1 hour


1. Use markers, paints, or crayons to decorate a 6- by 18-inch strip of construction paper. On the computer, print the words  I SHARE in a large font and have the children glue this message on the front of the windsock.  Ask them to think of as many things that they can share with others. (Toys, Books, their smiles, clothing they’ve outgrown etc.) and have them write this all over the construction paper or heavy cardstock.  Allow them to decorate the rest of the windsock with anything that inspires them—drawings of their family, stickers, glitter, etc. 

2. Next, cut nine 26-inch-long crepe paper streamers and glue them to the back of the bottom edge of the paper.   Roll the construction paper together and staple the seams or glue to make the windsock stick together.

3. Finally, knot a 30-inch piece of string at each end and staple the knots to the tube sides to make a handle.  (Or use a hole puncher to make holes for the string and just tie on)

4. Hang the windsock on a porch or patio where it will be protected from strong winds and watch it ride the gentle breeze.



© 2008 Cheryl L. Butler

Cheryl L. Butler is the patient mother of eight children under the ages of 13. When not sorting laundry she writes the column "Family Zone" for two magazines in Southern RI and the column "It's All Good". A freelance journalist, she's published in anthology series such as Chicken Soup for the Mothers of Preschooler's Soul and Misadventures of Moms and Disasters of Dads. She lives in Saunderstown, RI with her go-with-the-flow husband, Brian, and their fun-loving brood of five boys and three girls. Contact her at CB091987@AOL.COM


Additional Catholic Mom Columns


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