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Janet CassidyInspirational Spiritual Reflections
by Janet Cassidy


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A Precious Gift—YOU!

When I was in the parking lot after grocery shopping the other day, I saw a mom talking on her cell phone. Her young son was sort of hanging around the car, occasionally getting yelled at for something he was doing. It occurred to me how easy it is for us to ignore our children because we are preoccupied in conversations with people who are not even present to us.

It’s easy to be preoccupied with computers, as well. Have you ever had one of your children try to talk to you while you were playing a game or instant messaging on the computer? Was it so important that you could not stop for just a minute and give them your full attention? Sometimes I think the things that keep us the busiest are actually things we use as diversions.

How often have you missed a great opportunity to interact with your child because it seemed more important to be grumbling or gossiping with someone else? How many precious moments have slipped by you? Just imagine what it feels like to be a kid around you while you are doing this!

Kids love their precious moments with Mom and Dad. Please don’t take them for granted. Give your kids the gift of you.

God bless,

Janet CassidyJanet Cassidy is a columnist for The Catholic Times, a contributing author to The Catholic Homeschool Companion, a Catechist trainer and author of CassidyComments, an online subscription newsletter. She holds a B.A. in Religious Studies and is a happily married mother of three.

Janet may be reached through her website or her blog.

© Janet Cassidy 2008

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