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Janet CassidyInspirational Spiritual Reflections
by Janet Cassidy


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Advent, a Time to Reflect

Usually when I read a book, I do one of two things: I start it and leave it unfinished, or I read it straight through. With the latest book about Blessed (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta Come Be My Light I have pretty much read it straight through and am now rereading parts of it to digest its message and (hopefully) absorb a bit of her spirit.

It occurred to me that life is sort of like that. Some people live unfinished lives while some are set on sailing straight through. But, according to Catholic psychologist Gregory Popcak in Noise (Tomeo), reflecting on one’s life is essential to human development. “In the mind,” states Tomeo, “ particularly through the act of reflection, we determine how we will respond to life, to others, and to the wisdom and grace that God provides.”

When it comes to life, we shouldn’t drop out nor rush to the end. We should take some time to absorb it. Are you using the gifts God has given you—to the fullest—to serve Him? Are you living a life that glorifies God rather than self? Are your plans in line with His?

Advent is a perfect time to consider “how we will respond to life” as we contemplate the life (Jesus!) given to us.

Enjoy the quiet!

God bless,

Janet CassidyJanet Cassidy is a columnist for The Catholic Times, a contributing author to The Catholic Homeschool Companion, a Catechist trainer and author of CassidyComments, an online subscription newsletter. She holds a B.A. in Religious Studies and is a happily married mother of three.

Janet may be reached through her website or her blog.

© Janet Cassidy 2007

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