Helpful Books About Saints for Catholic Children

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With the approach of All Saints Day, in Catholic schools, religious education programs, and homeschooling families around the country, children of all ages are preparing to participate in a time honored tradition:  writing a report about a Saint.  We recommend the following books to assist your student with learning about his or her special saint.

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The Children's Book of Saints - This book is truly a treasure for kids and adults alike. Many popular saints are featured (e.g., St. Stephen, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Elizabeth) as well as some lesser known ones (Bl. Kateri Tekawitha). Each biography includes a small illustration at the top of the page followed by a brief passage recounting deeds or sacrifices for which that saint is remembered.

Shop the Catholic Company for Children's Books about Saints - 20% of each purchase you make at our Catholic Mom Catholic Company store will go to help host and support


Loyola Kids Book of Saints (Loyola Kids)  - Who are the saints, why are they important, and what can today's children learn from them? In Loyola Kids Book of Saints, author Amy Welborn answers these questions with exciting and inspiring stories, real-life applications, and important information about these heroes of the church. This delightful collection of saints' lives, written in a storybook style for children eight to twelve, explains how saints becomes saints, why we honor them, and how they help us even today. Divided thematically, the book features more than sixty saints from all over the world and from all across time. Each story tells about a saint and encourages readers to consider how they might apply what they learn from the story to their everyday lives.
Our Sunday Visitor's Cardlinks Patron Saints - Perfect for engaging elementary age children and up in their Catholic Faith. It combines the popularity of collectible cards with the durability of a bound book. The tall, eye-catching format makes it stand out on a shelf.  Kids love this product because it's interactive, bright and well written.  Our family keeps this one in the car and has learned many new fun and interesting facts about the lives of the saints.
Teach Me about Saints: Discussions and Activities for Young Children (I Am Special) - Let adventure stories and a variety of activities introduce your primary-grade children to the lives and works of more than a dozen of the Catholic Church's greatest saints.
Patrons and Protectors: Occupations - Saints are not relics from our ecclesial past. Their lives cans spark our own, lifting us up as we strive to be faithful Christians. The women and men the church recognizes as saints had to make choices about their occupations and their ways of life. When and where they lived shaped these decisions, but how the saints lived out their decisions goes beyond time and place. Michael O'Neill McGrath, OSFS, creates images of the saints as patrons of particular occupations. These pictures of our holy heroes, along with the artist's commentary about them, tell us why a particular saint is associated with a particular occupation. For some, like Saint Peter, it is the work they actually did: fishing. For others, like Saint Therese of Lisieux, patron of airplane pilots, the connection is more poetic, derived from the spirit of the saint and of the work. Essays by contemporary men and women, some well-known, others less so, tell us what the work is like for them today. Whether we want to explore career possibilities for ourselves or enjoy learning about our patron saint's life, this book helps us see that there are many ways to contribute to the building of God's reign here on earth.
The Treasury of Saints and Martyrs - From early saints and martyrs such as Saint Patrick, Francis of Assisi, and Joan of Arc to the first American saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, the lives of saints and martyrs make fascinating reading. Covering the stories of more than fifty saints and martyrs, this treasury offers personal histories of each saint, tales of their most famous deeds, and information on patron saints. Illustrated with art from stained-glass windows and illuminated manuscripts as well as masterpieces of painting by Caravaggio, Goya, Ingres, Titian and many others, the book also includes a calendar of Saints' Days and an explanation of what it takes to make a saint. Chock full of interesting stories and quotes from the saints themselves, The Treasury of Saints and Martyrs is an invaluable reference work--and wonderful reading, too.
St. Francis in San Francisco - What if everyone's favorite saint were to step out of the world of history and legend, break free from his statue-like pose at the edge of the birdbath, and visit modern-day San Francisco? Why, he'd have an adventure, of course! When St. Francis comes to visit, there to greet him are Johnny and his dog, Sunpatch, who become the saint's personal tour guides through the city named after him. St. Francis blesses the animals of Golden Gate Park, visits landmarks, and even rides the famous cable cars. Along the way, he embraces everyone in that vibrant multicultural city as brothers and sisters with the same loving Father.
St. Joseph Beginner Book of Saints
St. Joseph First Book of Saints
My Friends the Saints: Illustrated Prayer Talks with Favorite Saints...
Lives of the Saints for Boys
Lives of the Saints for Girls
365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids
  Once upon a Time Saints - This book gives vignettes of ordinary people recognized as Saints by the Catholic Church with the goal of providing models for young people to emulate in their quest for holiness.