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THANKSGIVING - Fun Craft and Activity Ideas for The Whole Family


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shared by MA2VAMom

Oreo Cookies (Halloween ones are best-if you can find them)
Candy Corn
Peanut M&M's (brown)

This is great for the kids, but can be frustrating for little fingers so be prepared to help A LOT!    You'll need one and a half oreos per turkey. Leave one oreo whole. Split the other open (to be more sparring try to get some filling on each side so you can use both halves- or do what we do... eat the other half). Lay the open oreo on the table and gently push the whole oreo into the middle of the frosting on it's side. Add about 5 candy corn in the middle of the whole oreo (point side in) for the feathers. Add one M&M on the open oreo in front of the whole one to make the turkey's head.  We usually make one per guest and put them by each person's plate (although it does get tempting to eat before dinner).

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by Susan Dunn

Make it an inter-generational event this year and have fun preparing. Here are some Thanksgiving crafts and activities the whole family can enjoy.

1. Print out some pictures to color for decorations. 

2. How about some Thanksgiving games ... the popcorn relay, or the Thankerchief game? A great way to involved young and old. 

3. Some paper games to work on while the guys watch the game? 

4. Here's a place where you can make your own Thanksgiving tablecloth. 

5. Want to make some homemade candleholders? A good way to use those old babyfood jars. 

6. Print out the Thanksgiving trivia quiz and play before dinner while you're waiting for the turkey to get done. 

7. Check out Grandpa Tucker's silly Thanksgiving songs. "Pum-pum Pum-pum Pumpkin Pie" is sure to get the giggles going. 

8. Before the occasion, get those Pilgrim hats ready. Everyone will need one! 

9. Make some Blessings Mix for friends and family. 

Bugles symbolize cornucopia; seeds and nuts for harvest; M&Ms for memories, candy corn for the Pilgrim's sacrifice - living on corn kernels; pretzels for arms folded in prayer, and Hershey's kisses for the love that abounds. Great gift tags you can print out that tell them all about the symbolism in this gift! Something easy the kids can help make.

10. And last but not least, make some "thank you" certificates for everyone who helped out--won't Mom be thrilled!

Click here for's Thanksgiving Coloring Pages


Susan Dunn is a personal and professional life coach who helps clients with careers and transitions. Visit her on the web at and for FREE ezine. It's about your personal and professional development!


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