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The Baptism Of Jesus Coloring Activity

As Catholics, we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus.  Our Gospel readings tell the story of our Lord Jesus' Baptism by John the Baptist.  This was the beginning of Jesus' public "ministry" the start of his work of spreading God's good news here on earth.

While you color this week, take some time to think about the Holy Spirit and how much God loves each one of us.  To color the pictures, click on the small image to enlarge and use your "back" button to return here.

For More Fun:

bulletDo you know about your own Baptism?  Have Mom or Dad tell you the story of the day you were baptized and ask them to show you pictures of that special day.

Click here to view the readings and gospel for this week
Baptism of the Lord Crossword Puzzle
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Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers: John the Baptist

The teachings of Jesus: His passion, death and resurrection - all come to life in this dynamic new video series. These twenty-six engaging episodes provide a wealth of information and precise references to the original Gospel text; illustrated through a storytelling technique designed to arouse the curiosity of the viewer and implant the truth of the Scriptures in a child's heart. It features the skills and talents of an international team of recognized scripture scholars, writers and world-class animators. Each segment concludes with a three minute tutorial that summarizes the episode and frames the program within its scriptural and historical context.

from Ignatius Press
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