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The following is a growing list of Internet resources which will provide you with a variety of reference materials.  The content of the sites you access has not been created by  A preliminary review of these sites has been made, however due to the fast-changing nature of the Internet, it is possible that their value would change.  As always, whenever your child is accessing the Internet, we recommend that a parent be with them to supervise their usage.  If you would like to share a link you enjoy or comment on any of the links provided, please e-mail Lisa at   Happy surfing and be sure to check back soon for additional links.

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Catholic and Christian Jeweler Links



  • Vilya Design Studios - Creators of art that you can wear.  We hand make a variety of jewelry, such wire sculpted pendants, gemstone watches, necklaces, bracelets, rosaries. Our artisans also create beautiful crocheted doll dresses and custom order christening gowns.  (Features the creative artistry of Columnist Susan Handle Terbay's daughters Jennifer and Jocelyn - I love their work, and know you will too!  Lisa)

  • Mood Cross - Gold and silver cross pendants and charms, depicting the
    image of Jesus on the cross. When worn close to the body, these crucifix pendants will display the image of Jesus Christ on the cross, keeping Him with you always.

  • A Golden Angel - Catholic jewelry

  • Handmaid for the Lord - We are a homeschool family who started making Catholic jewelry as part of our oldest daughter's summer high school project.  The other homeschooled teens in our area loved the jewelry we were making and suggested that we start a biz.  We took their advice and went online with "Handmaid For The Lord".  Everything that we offer is made by us by hand

  • Heartbeat Designs -  Fine jewelry inspired from the heart. Designer of the mother and child 'You Grew In My Heart' pendant for all those who hold a baby in their heart and the 'Jesus Is In My Heart' pendant for all those who believe

  • Charisen's Treasures - beautiful works of handcrafted jewelry and rosaries

  • - In addition to beaded jewelry and bookmarks, Connemara Creation's religious line of products, called Seeds of Faith, includes handmade beaded religious bookmarks, rosary bracelets for women and children, chaplets, rosaries, and other items.

  • Totus Tuus Rosary offers unique, handmade rosary beads, rosary bracelets and one decade rosaries. Visit us for a truly one of a kind Catholic gift.



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