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Catholic Mom Children's Books

Introducing an exciting new series for young readers from the bestselling author Lisa M. Hendey! The Chime Travelers series features fun-filled, time-travel adventures with a Catholic message that takes kids to long-ago times and faraway lands. Each book features prayers and a short bio to introduce children to a major saint's life and legend. Discussion questions about saints, sacraments, and Catholic life help children understand what they've learned through the stories. Check out the series here. Lisa Hendey loves bringing the Chime Travelers series to young readers via classroom or group visits. To discuss a "virtual visit" where Lisa comes to your class or group via an online visit, email Learn more about these "virtual author visits" and see what other teachers are saying hereBe sure to "like" Chime Travelers Kids on Facebook for all of the latest news and information on the series.

Book #1: The Secret of the Shamrock (St. Patrick)

When Patrick has to work on his church’s cleaning team on a Saturday, he thinks his weekend fun is ruined. But when the old church bells start chiming, Patrick and his pet frog, Francis, are suddenly taken back through time to ancient Ireland.Will the strange shepherd he meets be able to help him get home, or will Patrick be stuck taking care of sheep in the rain and mud forever? Find out in The Secret of the Shamrock.

Book #2: The Sign of the Carved Cross (St. Kateri Tekakwitha)

Katie joins her friends in being mean to the new girl, Lily. But suddenly, Katie becomes the new girl—in 1675! She has no idea how she traveled in time to a Native American village, but she’s hoping the young woman she meets will be nicer to her than Katie was to Lily. Tekakwitha is a quiet girl with scars on her face from a terrible disease. Tekakwitha’s family doesn’t accept her because of her faith, and soon she and Katie have to run away in the middle of the night. Will Katie ever find her way back home? Find out in The Sign of the Carved Cross.

Book #3: The Whisper in the Ruins (St. Francis of Assisi)

Somebody is angry, and they’re taking it out on St. Anne’s. Patrick and his twin sister Katie are shocked when they learn that someone threw a brick through the St. Francis of Assisi stained glass window at St. Anne’s. What would make someone angry enough to damage the beautiful old window? And how will the church ever be able to repair it? The twins want to investigate, but before Patrick can learn anything, he’s swept into another adventure—in the year 1205! Patrick’s second Chime Travel journey takes him back to Assisi, where he meets a brave young man who wants to leave his family’s wealth behind so he can answer God’s call in his life. Young Francis invites Patrick to help him repair an old church, but Francis’s father is furious with his son’s decision and will do almost anything to stop him. Can Francis and Patrick follow God’s command to rebuild the church? And will Patrick’s time in Assisi help him solve the mystery of the broken window at St. Anne’s? Find out in The Whisper in the Ruins.

Book #4: The Mystery at Midnight (St. Clare of Assisi)

If there’s one thing Katie never thought she’d do, it was walk through something called the “Door of the Dead.” During a class field trip to visit the monastery of the Poor Clares, Katie is unexpectedly swept up into her second Chime Travelers adventure. She finds herself in Assisi, the same city where her twin brother Patrick met St. Francis of Assisi on his last journey through time. Instead of meeting St. Francis, Katie meets a young woman named Clare. Clare has everything—she’s beautiful, her family is wealthy, and she is to be married soon. Katie discovers that Clare also has a secret: she wants to leave everything behind and join Francis and his brothers in service to God. But Clare’s family doesn’t want her to go. On the night she leaves, Clare and Katie must run through the darkness and escape through a door only used for funerals, the Door of the Dead. Has Clare made a mistake? Is God really calling her to leave everything she knows behind? And should Katie go with her on this dangerous adventure? Find out in The Mystery at Midnight.

Book #5: Strangers at the Manger (The Holy Family)

In this exciting new installment in the popular Chime Traveler series for elementary students, Patrick and Katie Brady are introduced to an immigrant family who recently arrived at St. Anne’s Parish. A tinkling bell transports the twins to first-century Bethlehem, where they meet the Holy Family—and come to understand what it is like to be a “stranger at the manger.” This unique retelling of the Christmas story will help children grow in faith and compassion. Check out Strangers at the Manger!

Welcome to the Catholic Mom  Children's Book Club.  Our goal is to promote quality works by Catholic authors or works promoting Catholic themes.  To get started reading right away, simply click on the underlined title of the book to order the book online from, and have it delivered right to your front door.  When you order a book from Amazon by clicking on the title here at Catholic Mom, we earn a small commission on your purchase.  Our commission enables to continue to grow and reach out to Catholic parents.   

Additional Book Club Recommendations:

New Recommendations:
Hover mouse over title for additional details

The Apostles' Creed - Artful retelling of this classic prayer with lovely illustrations
Child's Guide to the Holy Days - A wonderful resource for your children's library
The Littlest Gargoyle Book and Audio CD - Angelina narrates and sings this incredible storybook
Friday Night with the Pope - One special sabbath is remembered in this storybook
Catholic Cardlinks: The Bible - A fun and fantastic resource teaches your child about the Bible
Ten Commandments Coloring & Activity Book - An inexpensive coloring book, "manga style", teaches the Commandments
The Easter Swallows - A lovely picture book
Kid Tea - Pure fun! Teaches colors and the days of the week
Growing in Love: Virtues for Little Ones - A sturdy board book for little hands
Thank You Dear God!: Prayers for Little Ones - Precious board book with lots of prayers for little ones
Sparks Fly High: The Legend of Dancing Point - Great illustration and a fun retelling of this legend
Brother Juniper - A great storybook teaches important lessons
Wait Until Then - An opportunity to speak with your child about Jesus and heaven
Who Is Jesus? - A tremendous resource for your child - packed with illustrations and resources
A Walk on the Waves - Boad book about Jesus walking on water
Mary's Big Surprise - Board book about Easter morning
Jesus Feeds Everybody! - Board book about Jesus and the loaves and fishes
Where Are You, Little Lamb? - Board book about Jesus, the Good Shepherd
Where Do Babies Come From? - Help your child learn about new life!
Where Did Grandad Go? - Help answer your child's questions about life and death

Catholic Bible Stories for Children - Presents the inspired word of God in a lively, yet reverent, tone that captures the imagination and the spirit of a child. Introduce your young Catholic to these lessons necessary for faith formation. Lifelong learning begins with these stories of witness, worship, and tradition told in tales that are engaging for tiny tikes and cool school kids alike. Bright illustrations richly reflect the positive message of God's love for us.

Catholic Bible Stories: First Communion Edition - Has an introduction by Alfred McBride, O.Praem, a presentation page unique to First Communicants, and its own special cover. Saints, Psalms, and signs of our Creator's care throughout ... this keepsake will be a treasured part of your child's growth in understanding and love.

The Imitation of Christ for Children: A Guide to Following Jesus - Following Jesus captures the primary teachings of the timeless spiritual classic, The Imitation of Christ, in a manner children can understand, appreciate and apply.

My First Easter Sticker Book - Read about the last week of Jesus’ life, from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, and the story of the first Easter. Then choose the matching stickers to complete the pictures. Children will then have a complete book that can be read over and over again.Complete with full-color stickers and a guide that shows kids where to put them for each page, this book is perfect for the parish, classroom, and home!

Hands-On Bible Explorations: 52 Fun Activities for Christian Learning - A terrific collection of 52 activities and crafts for kids—one for each week of the year. The book includes favorite stories and parables from the Old and New Testaments, chapters on important Christian Values, and fun projects that make the lessons of the Bible entertaining and easy to understand. You’ll learn about the Ten Commandments, the Christmas story, the boy with loaves and fish, the greatest gift, the importance of friendship, and many more parts of the Bible as you do the fun activities.

The Eight Beatitudes Coloring and Activity Book - Simple text and engaging pictures make this coloring and activity book a must for kids. The Beatitudes are gifts from Jesus - eight ways of living life the way he did. If we keep these Beatitudes as guides for living, we'll experience the kind of happiness God meant us to have!

Jesus Give Us Peace - The Sacrament of Reconciliation - The sacrament of Reconciliation brings us God’s wonderful gift of forgiveness and peace. God loves us unconditionally, and is always willing to forgive us, and to help us follow Jesus by forgiving others. This lovely book will help prepare children—and their families— for their first experience of the sacrament of Reconciliation. Geared to children ages 7–11, this is an essential teaching aid for teachers of First Reconciliation and is a great library First Reconciliation recourse.

Key Features:
  • Remembrance pages to record every detail of a child’s First Reconciliation
  • Spaces for keepsake photos
  • Prayers that each child can personalize
  • Section of traditional Catholic prayers
  • Scriptural and contemporary stories gently teach Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness

Who Built the Ark?

What Did the Fishermen Catch? - Simple questions and answers for little children to help them learn about the God who made them and sent Jesus to be their friend.

I Pray the Stations of the Cross - Sensitive illustrations and child-friendly language introduce the Stations of the Cross as a means for children to deepen their love for Jesus and all God's people.   I Pray the Stations of the Cross offers brief prayers that relate Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection to the needs and sufferings of others. While reminding children of Jesus' overwhelming love for us, it gently encourages them to open their hearts and broaden their intentions as they pray.

The Stations of the Cross for Children / El Via Crucis para Niños (Pack 10) - Where can I buy enough Stations of the Cross for my entire class— without breaking the bank?” “Why can’t I find a Stations of the Cross that’s simple enough for kids to understand, yet theologically correct?” “My students have family members at home who speak only Spanish. How can kids share their religious materials with them?” Here’s the answer! In this completely bilingual edition of The Stations of the Cross for Children all text is featured in Spanish as well as in English! The sensitive and gentle text is geared for children ages 5-8. The attractive black-and-white line drawings can be colored by kids. The affordable price makes it perfect for parishes to buy for religious ed classes. Ideal for classroom use.

All the Muchos in the World - Ana loves her family, and they all love her. How much? Mucho, mucho, mucho! But who loves her even more? The answer, of course, is God...who loves us “all the muchos in the world!” A charming, family-oriented book with a delightful Hispanic-American flavor! A lively story with an important message for kids ages 5 - 8! Great resource for home, classrooms, or homeschoolers. Bilingual features: Ana’s parrot “translates” the many Spanish words appearing throughout the text. A Spanish pronunciation guide and glossary is included.

Follow Me Books invites you to meet some very special people.  They knew Jesus and following Him changed their lives forever.  By reading their stories, you can know more about Jesus and learn to follow Him as well!

Fish, Peter! (Follow Me Series)
Preach, Paul! (Follow Me Series)
Sing, Mary! (Follow Me Series)

Thank You, Dear God! - Prayers for Little Ones - When we pray, we talk to God. The spontaneous prayers in Thank You, Dear God! will encourage even the youngest children to share the love that’s in their hearts. This chunky board book will delight preschoolers with charming illustrations and simple, joyous prayers. Wonderful “first book” of prayers for 1 to 3 year olds.

Growing in Love - Virtues for Little Ones - In simple, child-friendly language, Growing in Love teaches little ones how to be more like Jesus by practicing the virtues he teaches us: love, forgiveness, kindness, sharing, patience, joy, thankfulness, caring, trying our best, honesty, bravery, and faith. A wonderful “first book” on virtues for 1 to 3 year olds. This sturdy board book has a padded cover with “peek-a-boo” windows. The appealing colors and engaging artwork will capture the attention of even the youngest toddlers.

Catholic Children's Book Club Highlights:

By Kids For Kids Book Reviews - Hey kids!  Here's your chance to spread the word about your favorite book or a new, great book you've been reading.  We're starting a new feature called "By Kids For Kids" Book Reviews.  You can fill out the form online, or have mom or dad email us with your review.  Soon, we hope to offer a monthly drawing for children who submit reviews.  We want to share books for kids of all ages, so no book is too long or short. 

Catholic Children's Book Spotlights:

In an effort to support and encourage Catholic parents, presents online interviews with authors of relevant and helpful books and resources.  Click on the titles below for indepth reviews and author interviews.  We actively seek to promote quality writing by Catholic authors, and books by Christian authors with significance to Catholic readers.  To share information on your favorite Catholic author, email today!

Run from the Nun

Read our complete Catholic Book Spotlight Profile on this selection.

Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for Children
You taught them the Hail Mary and the Our Father, now help your children learn how to foster a sense of God's presence in their lives throughout the day!
Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls Ages 9-12
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (November 19, 2002)

Read our complete profile on this book
More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls
Ages 9-12
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (April 1, 2003)

Read our complete profile on this book
Tom Playfair: Or Making a Start
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: Tan Books & Publishers; Reprint edition (July 1, 2000)

Read our complete profile on this book
Percy Wynn: Or Making a Boy of Him
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Tan Books & Publishers; Reprint edition (July 1, 2000)

Read our complete profile on this book

Twenty Tales of Irish Saints
by Alice Curtayne
Paperback: 161 pages
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (February 1, 2004)

Read our complete profile on this book

Stories of the Child Jesus from Many Lands
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 175 pages
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press; Revised edition (September 1, 2003)

Read our complete profile on this book

A Life of Our Lord for Children
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (December 1, 2003)

Read our complete profile on this book

The First Christians: The Acts of the Apostles for Children
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 167 pages
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press (January 1, 2004)

Read our complete profile on this book

There are hundreds of children's books about talking to God. What makes this one unique? Building on the reassuring truth that God is always listening to us, God Hears Me! couples everyday experiences with delightful illustrations to encourage even the youngest child to pray any time, any where.

Click for more information



The Most Unique Activity Book Available Today! What makes this activity book unique?
10) Arranged alphabetically from A to Z
9) Provides hundreds of teacher-tested ideas for kids aged 3 to 8
8) Comes complete with materials list, instructions, and Faith focus
7) Covers both holidays and holy days
6) Contains ethnic traditions and celebrations
5) Packed with prayer experiences, crafts, songs, finger plays, art, rhymes, and games
4) Teaches the Faith with hands-on activities
3) Shows the goodness of God in everyday life
2) An ideal resource for teachers, catechists, parents, summer program instructors
And the number one reason... The Big Book of Ideas for Children's Faith Formation is the only Catholic book of its kind!

Click for more information 


The Rosary Comic Book tells the story of the lives of Jesus and his mother Mary.

You can read it, as you would any regular comic book. Or you can pray with it, using the pictures instead of the beads of a traditional rosary.

Whichever way you decide to use it, The Rosary Comic Book will bring you closer to Jesus and Mary!


  This is also an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn to pray the Rosary. The illustrations are beautiful and thoughtfully done. The layout of the book was chosen carefully to help children and those just learning the Rosary to concentrate on the Sacred Mysteries, rather than struggle to remember what comes next. Each decade of the Rosary is laid out on two facing pages with the full text of the Our Father, Hail Mary (once per decade), Glory Be, and the Fatima Prayer included, so that while you or your children's hearts are still learning these prayers you aren't distracted by the need to recall them. The accompanying Scripture texts teach about the Mysteries themselves and draw one deeper into prayer and meditation.

Prayers, lessons, and truths for young hearts, minds, and souls - With colorful, captivating illustrations, the Catholic Prayer Book for Children helps boys and girls discover the beauty of prayer as it encourages them to form a lifelong relationship with God.
  • Beloved traditional Catholic prayers
  • Original prayers that reflect a young person's daily concerns and experiences
  • A "how to" for offering his or her own prayers

But more than that, Catholic Prayer Book for Children also puts in your child's hands the basics of the Catholic Faith: the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, sacraments, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, lives of the saints, and more.  With an age- appropriate "examination of conscience," and an introduction to the Mass and its major prayers, the Catholic Prayer Book for Children makes the perfect First Reconciliation or First Communion gift.  This is the keepsake your child will keep.

  Every Christian culture has given us touching legends and charming stories of the wondrous deeds of the Child Jesus. Many of these tales reveal to children the generous ways He helps them when they're unhappy or afflicted.

More than a century ago, A. Fowler Lutz collected the best of these legends. Although they spring from lands as various as France, Norway, and Greece, Germany, Syria, and China, these stories have many excellent things in common.

Each has the simplicity of goodness, and each is rich with the faith of ordinary people who aren't surprised by miracles. In these stories, they even seem to expect miracles!

The young heroes of these tales have a faith simpler than ours, and stronger. They know that Jesus is close to us, no matter how far away He may seem. They trust that He's walking with us every step of our way, no matter how steep and rocky our path may be.

That's the faith you'll find in these Stories of the Child Jesus from Many Lands,an innocent faith you can instill in your own little ones by reading aloud to them these sweet tales.

Marigold Hunt begins with Adam and Eve and goes quickly through the Old Testament to Jesus, whom she presents simply but not trivially, so children encounter Him in His goodness, His suffering, and His majesty. Hunt speaks in words and phrases that young children understand and explains terms they may not know. She includes devotions from the Bible (such as the Magnificat, the Beatitudes, and the Canticle of Zachary) along with many of Christ’s parables (which she explains).

A Life of Our Lord for Children will make sense of Scripture for your children and help them be more attentive during Mass when they hear the same tales directly from the Gospels.

Click for more information


Sure to become a seasonal favorite, the Jesus Garden masterfully weaves the best-loved legends surrounding the Lord's death and resurrection into a story children will never forget. Magnificent illustrations make this special garden pulse with life and love. Ideal for intermediate readers ages 9-12.

 Click for more information


A Peek into My Church
A fun, informative and accurate introduction to the Catholic religion.  This book uses vibrant full-color illustrations and engaging realistic narrative details to teach children the essential Catholic beliefs and rituals. 44 pages, hardcover


Let's Go to Mass - a fun and reusable color and wipe off book which will help even very young children enjoy and follow along with the parts of the Mass.  Only $4.95 and your child will enjoy it week after week while learning Mass prayers and responses.
Let's Go the Way of the Cross - Praying the Way of the Cross is a great way to acquaint children with the great mysteries of Jesus’ death and Resurrection. Let's Go the Way of the Cross is the story of Jesus’ Passion and death at Calvary on Good Friday. Rich in symbolism, it is a story which teaches children that, in spite of appearances, the cross of Jesus brings life, not death. Brimming with eye-catching illustrations and beautiful prayers, this exciting, educational coloring book includes plastic pages so kids can write and draw with a crayon and wipe off with a paper towel to use again and again. (From

Let's Go to Pentecost - Pentecost is the birthday of the Church. As we light the candles on our birthday cakes and blow them out, the Holy Spirit too comes with wind and flame. As we open our birthday gifts, we too celebrate God’s gift to us in the Holy Spirit. This exciting, educational coloring book is packed with Pentecost prayers and parables to make the Church’s birthday a time of joyful celebration of the Holy Spirit. Each page is plastic so children can write and draw with a crayon and wipe off with a paper towel to use again and again.  From

The A-Mazing Escape: A Bible Story Maze Book

The A-Mazing Escape activity maze board book tells the story of how Moses obeyed God and traveled to Egypt to help rescue the Israelites from captivity. Each page has a Bible story along with instructions to help the children move the character pieces through the maze. Each spread contains the story on one side and a maze on the other. The engaging art style will help the children to follow the journey of Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites through the parted Red Sea and on through the desert.

Dear God, Do You Really See Everything

Issues that really concern kids are addressed in age-appropriate ways

Dear God, Its Me Again

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland - a wonderful book by Tomie dePaola filled with helpful information about the true story of St. Patrick's life, as well as fun legends attributed to the patron Saint of Ireland.  
Milo With A Halo
Milo is an irresistible character who is sure to be a hit with readers young and old. The book's major theme is that God is with us always and is truly our very best friend and companion

The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Children
The compelling story of Jesus' life and the events leading up to His death are told in simple language that your children can understand. Each Station of the Cross is briefly explained, beautifully illustrated, and paired with a short prayer. Ages 4 and up.

Touch and Learn Bible Stories  This durable board book is a collection of five favorite Bible stories with a twist...each page features an item to touch and feel, making the little reader a part of the story.  The animations are bright and vibrant and the stories are told simply but faithfully.  Little hands will reach for this book over and over! What Does a Priest Do? What Does a Nun Do?


It's Great to Be Catholic!
This joyful book is the perfect gift for First Communion, Baptism, birthdays, and holidays--plus a way to explore the many vivid elements of a child's faith. Matters both small and big are covered, from having one's first rosary, to being hugged by a love so immense, it embraces the world.
Jesus and His Friends
Raise Up a Child Just Jesus and Me

A beautiful daily devotional book with scripture stories and daily activities, including a bible reading, question or thought for the day, a short prayer, a message from God and a short Bible verse to learn.

Mrs. Twiggenbothom Goes to Town

The delightful misadventures of an endearing grandma who personifies God’s love and spreads joy wherever she goes.

Saint Francis Celebrates Christmas
Gifts of Christmas : A Heartwarming Francesco Story
Francesco decorates his little San Damiano church for Christmas and his animal friends work to create gifts for Francesco, but in the end share the gifts with people in need and learn the true meaning of Christmas.
The Legend of the Poinsettia
by Tomie dePaolo
The Shine Man : A Christmas Story
by Mary Quattlebaum, Tim Ladwig (Illustrator)
Jotham's Journey : A Storybook for Advent
Glow in the Dark Advent Sticker Book
A giant pull out poster and over 60 reusable stickers make counting the days until Christmas fun.  The real story of Christmas is retold bit by bit with a special family activity for each day.
Uncle Walt's Christmas Box
Robin and Rosie visit Uncle Walt and discover a special box in the attic.  As they assemble the nativity scene together, Uncle Walt shares with his visitors the special story of the first Christmas night.
Miracle of the Poinsettia 30 Days with Mary and Joseph:A Sticker Book
The Christmas Story A Gift for the Christ Child
  The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
Young Alexi helps the people of his village come together to pull off a Christmas miracle in their small, deserted church.  Beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming story you will want to share time and again with your family.

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