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Catholic Mom Book Club
Christian Inspiration

Welcome to the Catholic Mom Book Club.  Our goal is to promote quality works by Catholic authors or works promoting Catholic themes.  The books below have been written by Christian authors, and have been found to be of high quality and inspiration.  To get started reading right away, simply click on the underlined title of the book to order the book online from, and have it delivered right to your front door.  When you order a book from Amazon by clicking on the title here at Catholic Mom, we earn a small commission on your purchase.  Our commission enables to continue to grow and reach out to Catholic parents.   



Firestorm : A Novel

Old enemies resurface in the lawless Tri-Frontier region of South America. but, this raging firestorm sweeps across the border...and this time, the flames of terror burn in their homeland.
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A war is on between two bitter and powerful enemy nations. A brave young man, persecuted at times because of his ethnicity, steps forward to defend his new homeland. A young woman finds herself conflicted over her love for this soldier, due to the fact that her own community objects to the war and fears those outside their own culture.
Read our Book Spotlight Interview with this author

Calm in My Chaos: Encouragement for a Mom's Weary Soul

Finicky eaters, sleepless nights, endless diapers, and too much babytalk. These are the makings of motherhood. Juggling the responsibilities of home and family leaves most moms weary, yet every mom knows the rewards of her calling are many. Taking time to reflect on the exhilarating awe of the task is always time well spent. This refreshing book is the perfect resource for such moments. With an empathetic mother's heart, Elisabeth Corcoran offers the gift of perspective in one of life's most challenging ministries.

Your Signature Work: Creating Excellence and Influencing Others at Work

Booher promotes the concept of working with a style and attitude that attracts attention, heightens productivity and delivers results. As a byproduct of applying principles of integrity, morality and leadership in the work arena, professionals walk away with the satisfaction of having added their own “signature” to the work they do each day.

Naked Fruit: Getting Honest About the Fruit of the Spirit

Elisa Morgan gives moms the tools they need to open their hearts and souls to accepting the Spirit's gift, and equips them to grow in their relationship with God and with those whose lives they touch. Author and MOPS International President Elisa Morgan's concept that the "Naked Fruit" of a relationship with God is simply becoming (as best we can) like Jesus is as refreshingly satisfying as the first bite into a luscious orange on a hot summer afternoon! The book's brief, yet insightful chapters end in thought provoking (but manageable) "Fruit for Thought" exercised designed to help busy mothers see a clear path to growing more fruitful in their own circles of relation.

Celebrate Simply: Your Guide to Simpler, More Meaningful Holidays and Special Occasions

This is a practical guidebook for simplifying the way you celebrate holidays and occasions. It is filled with creative ideas and realistic strategies for making celebrations more meaningful and more manageable. All major holidays are addressed as well as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and gift-giving in general. Celebrate Simply has something for everyone, no matter what your need—whether you want to reduce holiday stress or expense or you just want to make occasions more memorable and spiritually significant.

Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul

Christian women who make God and family a priority in their life will love Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul, an affirming collection of stories that share the miracles that are possible when their hearts are open to God

A Pathway Through Pain

When a routine medical procedure results in a life-long battle with debilitating pain, where does a person turn? "This book is about my search for the goodness of God, about not finding what I was looking for, but finding what I was not expecting." -Jane Grayshon

And Then God Gave Us Kids: How God Uses Our Kids to Help Us Grow
(Christian Inspiration)

An inspiring invitation for parents to see how the demands of parenting can enrich their relationship with God.  These bite sized readings encourage parents to take realistic, but transforming, spiritual strides by seeing God through their children.

Beauty Care for the Eyes
(Christian Living)

Practical truths for improving one's "spiritual eyesight"— perfect for individual or group study. Revised and updated edition