Advent Star Candle for Early Elementary
by Sherry Weaver Smith


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Votive candle


Small clear votive candleholder


24 small star stickers, preferably shiny gold or silver


Each night of Advent, place one star on your candleholder. Do not light the candle yet. Say this prayer:

“I pray that my star candle will shine bright
To show me where sweet baby Jesus sleeps Christmas Eve night.
I pray that this star will help me to remember
That we await the birthday of Jesus this December.”

On Christmas Eve night, have an adult light the candle for the first time. Carefully carry your candle to your family’s manger. Your candlelight and stars will show you that baby Jesus is there.

Note to parents: To enhance the symbolism of this activity, do not place baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas Eve night. For safety reasons, accompany your child when he or she is carrying the lit candle.

Sherry Weaver Smith is an at-home mother and manages a website, focused on wildlife viewing.