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Good Friday Coloring Activity

On Friday, we have the readings for Good Friday.  The Gospel reading for today, Jn 18:119:42, tells the story of Jesus capture in the garden, trials, passion and death on the cross.  Please take time today to read this story with Mom or Dad and spend some time talking about the suffering that Jesus must have experienced leading up to and during His crucifixion.  Jesus loves you and I so very much that He gave His own life for us.  He wants each of us to live in His love and to have everlasting life with His Father in heaven.  John's gospel explains this story for us.  After Jesus died on the cross, His precious body was taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb.

At church today, you will notice that the church will look and feel very different.  Today, you and your family will probably pray the Stations of the Cross, as special prayer for remembering Jesus' suffering and death. 

While you color today, think about how much Jesus loves us!  Is there some way for us to show Jesus that we love Him so much too?  Our prayers tell Him that we love Him, and our actions can show Him too.  Today is a day for quiet prayer and for showing the love of Jesus to the special people in our lives.  Also, if you are old enough to Fast, today is a day of Fasting and Abstinence.  Mom or Dad will talk with you about how we sacrifice some food today to show our love for Jesus.  Take some quiet time to pray to God as you color. To color the pictures, click on the small image to enlarge and use your "back" button to return here.


For more fun:

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