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Short Motivational Sayings and Quotes to Paint- Craft Project
by Catherine Pulsifer
Stress Less Country - a lifestyle change -

Over the years I have been collecting motivational sayings and quotes. When I started painting I found I referred to these sayings and quotes to use on my projects. One example where I use them is on the bottom of painted rocks. People always seem pleasantly surprised when they turn the painted rock over and there is a saying on it.  

The motivational sayings and quotes below are short, one to two liners, that will enhance projects you are working on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Do It!

Fall seven times, stand up eight!

Happiness depends on ourselves.

All things are difficult before they are easy.

Anyone can navigate in fine weather.

Homemade with love
from my kitchen

Where there is a will, there is a way.


Have Fun

Peas be with you

It takes a long time to grow old

Your luck is how you treat people.

Laugh Often

Live Life

Live Today

No Goals
No Glory

Cherish Life's Simple Pleasures

Friends..make everything bearable!

Good Friends

Be Happy

Grow old with me
the best is yet to come

Be what you wish others to become

Spend less than you get

One day at a time

Men are born to succeed not fail

Count your blessings - not your troubles

Create your dream

Happiness is just a smile away

Never, never, never give up

Worry Not

Love You

Little and often fills the purse.

Thank You

All people smile in the same language

What sunshine is to flowers,
smiles are to humanity.

Laugh a little..sing a little

Give a little…take a little

May you live all the days of your life

Joy is not in things,
it is in us.

A diamond is a piece of coal
that stuck to the job.

Sunlight, moonbeams, and starlight be ever yours

Hope lights the heart anew

I am a rock…love me!

Do not forget to be hope and happy be!

Warm someone's day…smile!

Smile often…weep less…hope more!

Welcome to Our Ranch

You are utterly marvelous

Toadly Happy

Thank Ewe from the Herd

Gone Fishin…be Back Whenever

Captain's Quarters

I dig the earth

Do you act or react?

We may not have it all together
but together we have it all!

This garden is grown with love

Laughter is sunshine in a house

Overweight is often just desserts.

The Queen does not do housework!

Problems are opportunities

Quitters new win
Winners never quit!

Inch by inch
Life is a cinch

Don't be-little
Be Big

Catherine Pulsifer is the author of Stress Less Country - a lifestyle change.
A collection of articles, thoughts, quotes, and stories on stress, simplicity, gardening, reduce, recycle & reuse and country crafts!

(c) 2004 Catherine Pulsifer

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