Summer Table Runner


by Mary Wilkins
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A Summer Table Runner 

You can easily make one of these nice table runners in about half an hour. They can really dress up your table next time you have guests.

Here's how to do it.
Cut your fabric 18" wide and 48" long.
Press all raw edges under 1/4".
Turn under 1/4" again and stitch a narrow hem on all four sides.
Turn corners under to wrong side.
Make sure corners meet and form a V. Tack corners together.
Attach tassels to points.

Here is a handy little hint. Machine washing can turn your tassels into a tangled mess. Instead of sewing them to the runner, sew a small shirt button on the wrong side near the point. Slip the loop of the tassel over the button and no one will be the wiser.
Next time it goes in the washing machine, slip the tassels off and wash as usual. Your tassels will be just like new when you put them back on.

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