by Alberta S. Johnson
(c) 2003

Well, it's back to school time again.
Parents and children are slowly gearing up......
You can see it as they hustle and bustle through
the neighborhood stores, cruising the aisles, looking
for back-to-school bargains. Parents are generally happy
that school will be starting up soon. And occasionally,
so are the kids.

All of us can probably remember how great it felt when we
were in grade school and drew or painted a picture of our
house or a special friend. Why did that feel good?
Because you were tapping into that special place inside
each of us that wants to create and express ourselves.
Those were your creative juices flowing through your mind--
sometimes gently, and sometimes in an excited manner!

There seems to be a growing need to promote creativity in
school-age children. Creativity is being discussed in almost
every realm: books, articles, tv and radio programs and the
work place. Creative arts and crafts can be used to teach
reading, writing, history, etc. We need to get the word out
to many teachers on how to use art in teaching more than just
art.  The arts are extremely important--very basic to the total
learning experience. They are a means of self-expression: a way
to communicate ideas, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and values.
Some of the values we get from creative expression include
self-discovery, self-reliance, and enthusiasm. We also learn
to use our leisure time constructively.

The aim should be to provide parents and teachers with qualitative
art education guidelines to help give purpose and structure to
art programs. (And for those of you who want to do art projects
with kids just for the fun of it, special art lessons can provide
hours and hours of creative fun!)

We know that integrating art in education will greatly expand the
minds of children. It will boost their self-esteem, and even make
learning other subjects a little easier.

Prepared art lesson plans will help you enrich and reinforce all
aspects of an art program at school, or art projects at home, and make
teaching and learning more fun for you and your children or students.

Author Alberta S. Johnson is an art educator who understands the
importance of art lessons in schools and at home.  Her company, makes fully-planned art lessons available to
educators and parents on a weekly basis.  For more information,
and to get a free art lesson, visit .