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Organize and share your photos - Try Picasa Free. will help you use your digital camera and computer to create beautiful family photo albums and scrapbooks. Throw away the gadgets and scissors and unleash your creativity to build scrapbook pages your family will treasure for years.

Digital Scrapbooking is the art of creating beautiful keepsake family photo albums using your home computer and printer, or incorporating high quality prints of your favorite digital photos into your family photo albums.  With today's wonderful technology, scrapbookers can duplicate many of their favorite techniques without purchasing expensive gadgets, stickers, paper and supplies, or can incorporate their digital photos into their existing scrapbooking style.

The digital scrapbooking enthusiast needs only a few basic supplies to get started, however many wonderful software programs exist that will help you turn your home scrapbook into a work of art! is your resource for the tools, techniques, and ideas you'll need to fully integrate your digital camera into your scrapbooking hobby. 

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