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Ideas for Decorating Easter Cookies

For those of you anxiously awaiting Easter time, the one thing that makes Easter extra special are decorated Easter cookies. Just like Christmas cookies have become a staple of Christmas time, so have Easter cookies become a part of Easter tradition. There are numerous great ways to dress up the Easter season and embellished Easter cookies are just one of them. Here are some tips on putting smiles on the faces of your little ones or friends this Easter season.

Decorated Easter Cookies Come in Many Shapes and Sizes
Decorated Easter cookies can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and if you can conceptualize it you can surely create it. For most people Easter is affiliated with bunnies, rabbits, chicks, lambs and Easter eggs. For the most part you can usually find all these shapes and more in the form of cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters are almost always easy to pick up at numerous discount shops, grocery stores, and craft shops. Or you can usually make them yourself- you just need some pliable metal and an idea. If you do not have a cookie cutter, no big deal. In fact many people that are artistically gifted choose to cut their own shapes out of cookie dough themselves, without the use of any cookie cutter.

Decorated Easter Cookies Start Out with Scrumptious Cookie Dough
The most important thing about the embellished Easter cookies that you prepare is that must taste just as great as they look. No one likes a nasty tasting cookie. For many chefs, a tasty cookie begins with delicious cookie dough. Yes, you can purchase the dough already pre-made and ready to cut, but for the purists out there, start with a family recipe that is either chocolate chip or of the sugar cookie nature.

Decorate Your Cookie Using the Tools of the Trade
It's easy to adorn your Easter cookies, just make sure you have all the tools of the trade. They usually involve, food coloring, colored frosting, sprinkles, delicious candies such as licorice, M& M’s, nuts, marshmallows, etc. Once you have gotten the cookie shape, let yourself or your kids use their creative magic to make wonderfully decorated Easter cookies. You can find food coloring and many cool decorating accessories at your local grocery store. You can even purchase ready-made Easter embellishments to add to your cookies, cakes or Easter eggs.

Presentation is Key
Once your decorated Easter cookies are complete, make sure to show them off to the rest of the family and even give them away to your colleagues and friends. Savor the Easter spirit by showing off your tasty and creative embellished Easter cookies.

One creative tip is to take some photos of your adorned Easter cookies and include them in your yearly Easter scrapbook, this way you can regularly look back at the savory and beautifully adorned Easter cookies that you have created.

You can also write the cookie recipe on a pretty note card and include a photo of your Easter cookies to give to family and coworkers. Many people cherish handmade gifts, especially when it's a treasured family recipe.

If you are looking to maximize your gratification of Easter this year, take part in making decorated Easter cookies.

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