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Welcome to the Catholic Mom Book Club.  Our goal is to promote quality works by Catholic authors or works promoting Catholic themes.

To get started reading right away, simply click on the underlined title of the book to order the book online from, and have it delivered right to your front door.  

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Book Club Recommendations

New Recommendations:
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The Year & Our Children: Catholic Family Celebrations for Every Season by Mary Reed Newland (Sophia Institute Press)


Discovering Motherhood: An Extraordinary Journey Through Everyday Life
by Annemarie Scobey

Discovering Motherhood is a journey without a map - a life-long trip into a new and unfamiliar world. It is a daunting, high-energy trek with ups and downs and bumps in the road. The price of admission is three a.m. feedings, endless diaper changes and lost sleep. But the payoff comes in the profound relationships of mother and children, and in the love that gives life its luster. Annemarie Scobey has recorded the journey with insight, humor and a sure sense of the presence of the Divine in the turmoil, troubles and triumphs of everyday life.

A Catholic Woman's Book Of Days
by Amy Welborn

Brief daily reflections to help connect you with God's word and the Catholic faith.

Outnumbered!: Raising 13 Kids with Humor and Prayer
by Mary Ann Kuharski

To outsiders, the Kuharski family life sometimes looked like controlled chaos. With 13 kids-seven by birth, six by "airport" (adopted)-it sometimes felt that way to family members, too. Through it all, by the grace of God, much prayer and lots of common sense, the family became an oasis of stability and love. Whether your family is big or small, whether you have young children, old children, grandchildren or no children, Outnumbered! will bring you to a place at a very special family table.

Lunch Bag Notes: Everyday Advice From A Dad To His Daughter
by Ann Marie and Al Parisi

More Lunch Bag Notes: Everyday Advice From A Dad To His Son
by Anthony and Al Parisi

In The Beginning...There Were No Diapers: Laughing and Learning In The First Years Of Fatherhood
by Tim Bete

Read our complete Catholic Book Spotlight Profile on this selection, including excerpts.

Please Don't Drink the Holy Water!
by Susie Lloyd

Come along for a ride in Susieís full-size van as she faces the trials of Family Rosary and tangles with snide education experts, gruff confessors, and relatives who tell her itís time to wake up and join the ďreal world.Ē

Read our complete Catholic Book Spotlight Profile on this selection, including excerpts.

Saintly Celebrations & Holy Holidays: Easy and Imaginative Ideas to Create Your Own Catholic Family Traditions

Even in today's hurried, hectic world, no matter how busy we are, we can create family celebrations that are sure to be stored in every member's memory for years to come. And this book shows how easy it can be! Inside are many pick-and-choose ways to put "red letter days" into every month of the year. Every idea is practical and possible - and has been family tested for fun and excitement. 

Guiding Your Catholic Preschooler: Bringing Up Kids Roman Catholic - Suggestions for praying with your child, explaining the Mass and keeping your child's interest, activities and projects for the Holy Days and Seasons, Saints and Angels and many fun family activities.  A bargain for only $2.99 and packed with great ideas.

Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)TM - Having, Doing, and Surviving It All! 

A book validating moms in motherhood and life in general. Providing inspiring strategies into daily challenges in parenting, family and the "Me Factor" proving once again that moms are far from being desparate housewives. Moms do everything for everyone everyday and deserve the CEO title before anyone else. From running businesses, households to driving car pool and raising kids - Moms are the real CEOs in life!

Good Families Don't Just Happen: What We Learned from Raising Our 10 Sons and How It Can Work for You

Family Matters

"Family Matters is a wonderful resource for couples looking for the keys to success in marriage." Kimberly Hahn, Coauthor, Rome Sweet Home and Catholic Education: Homeward Bound


The Catholic Home : Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day
by Meredith Gould

Read our complete profile on this great book!

Precious Treasure

Elizabeth Matthews never expected her son Patrick to be diagnosed with autism. But she didn't expect him to become her "escalator to heaven", either. In Precious Treasure, Matthews describes the joys, challenges, and heartaches of raining a child with special needs.

Catholic Family, Catholic Home: Prayers and Blessings, Rituals and Celebrations, Projects and Activities - This simple, yet comprehensive book covers many essential topics towards making your home and family life more "Catholic". Sister Kathleen offers practical ideas, activities and prayer resources for living our faith by actively engaging in the many celebrations of our liturgical calendar. Each chapter ends in reflection questions which will prompt the reader to assess how effectively they are sharing their faith in the home. A chapter on Mary and the Saints and their importance in our Catholic traditions is very helpful. Additionally, the book's Appendix contains numerous traditional Catholic prayers.


Keeping Your Kids Catholic: It May Seem Impossible but It Can Be Done

Sharing your faith with small children to articles on how to love adult children who leave the Church, here is tested pastoral wisdom for raising your kids Catholic

Technology, Spirituality, & Social Trends

(Christian Non-fiction)
An informed guide to living the Christian life in modern America-appreciating the benefits and dangers of current trends.


And Then God Gave Us Kids: How God Uses Our Kids to Help Us Grow

(Christian Inspiration)
An inspiring invitation for parents to see how the demands of parenting can enrich their relationship with God

When a Loved One Leaves the Church
a book by Lorene Hanley Duquin offering accounts, analyses and support 
The Catholic Family Handbook: Time-Tested Techniques to Help You Strengthen Your Marriage and Raise Good Kids
Time-Tested Techniques to Help You Strengthen Your Marriage and Raise Good Kids by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer: 10 Life Changing Stories of Hope and Healing - compelling collection of stories of Catholics who have endured suffering or adversity in their lives and who have discovered hope and healing through God's amazing grace. The ten stories within this book will make you laugh, make you cry, and will inspire you to a deeper faith in Christ and the amazing grace he offers each of us everyday.




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