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Easter Traditions On A Budget

Ten Tips for Frugal and Healthy Easter Baskets

Take the Expense Out of Your Easter Celebration

A Priceless Gift

Everyday Ways to Save

That Forgotten Appliance - The Crockpot

Ten Frugal Gardening Tips

Cool Summer Savings

Your Frugal Fridge

Saving Money on Preschool:  Readiness Skills Needed for Kindergarten

Frugal, Nutritious Snacks for Children

Make Gift Wrap Paper at Home

Beautiful and Frugal Too...Growing Your Own Herbs

Million Dollar Gift Giving

How to be a cheap reader

Resource Management for Parents

Family Fun on a Budget

Small Ways to Save Big Bucks


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Money/Time Saving Tip Of The Week -

Everyday Ways to Save

Small things do add up. Sometimes we get caught up
thinking of ways to save big bucks and forget about
the small ways.  Read More

Ten Frugal Gardening Tips

Whether you are an avid vegetable gardener, a beginning herb gardener or just like to have a pretty yard, these frugal tips may help you save a little money! Read More

That Forgotten Appliance - The Crockpot

Do you find yourself bringing home fast food at the end of a busy day?  Read More

Family Fun on a Budget

When you and your family are on a tight budget, sometimes one of the first things to be cut out is money for entertainment.  Read More

Your Frugal Fridge!

Now that it's summer, most of us start thinking about keeping our electric bill in bounds!  One way to do that is to keep your refrigerator and freezer, if you have one, running efficiently. Read More

How to Be A Cheap Reader

Are you an avid reader?  Are you trying to instill a love of reading in your children?  My whole family loves to read!  Right before bedtime every night, every one of us can be found with our nose in a book!  Read More

Fun New Magazine for "Real People"

If you're interested in living the good life, but saving and spending responsibly along the way, take a look at the new Budget Savvy magazine.  The publishers state:

 "Budget Savvy is a lifestyle magazine devoted to "smarter living" alternatives for the working woman in the areas of fashion, beauty, recreation, home, shopping and finance. This is not a magazine about doing without. It's about working smart with what you have. Budget Savvy helps you to enjoy life and still be financially responsible!"

Click here for additional information on Budget Savvy Magazine.

Frugal Living Links


Are You a Frugal Mom?

Contribute your tips, ideas and suggestions to this new feature.  Email with your input today!  Check back soon for additional articles and resources.

Thanks  to our readers for the following tips!

  • Instead of spending money on those sugar filled juice boxes to send to school for my daughter, I bought a cup that has a straw inside it from our local supermarket. That way, I can choose exactly what and how much she will drink that day. God bless! Mary, CT
  • We have been using cloth napkins for a long time now. They  are not only pretty but save money on buying paper napkins. My children even enjoy using them. Teresa
  • I use my slow cooker to save money. It saves money two ways. My family is very busy and it may be tempting to stop at fast food or order a pizza. Instead, I put a casserole, chicken or piece of meat in the slow cooker. Dinner is ready as soon as we step into the door, and I saved the time it would have taken to go through the drive up window. It also saves electricity by using less than my oven and not heating up the house.
    Sharon A
  • I have a good tip for Catholic mums. My friend Lisa showed me how to make my own baby wipes and it just takes a few minutes to make them. Use an empty wipes container. Pour in about 1 - 1 1/2 cups of sterile water (previously boiled and then cooled) and a few drops of tea tree oil (I buy mine from Melaleuca - online - you can find it at health food stores as well). Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and will guard against all those nasty germs. And it smells nice. Use Bounty paper towels for the wipes; Bounty seems to be the most durable. Other brands will dissolve or break apart. I quickly fold them back and forth so that they will fit into the baby wipe container. Now, paper towels are too wide for the wipes container, so just cut the folded paper towels in half so that they will fit. Place the folded towels into the container to soak up the sterile water/tea tree oil solution. If necessary, add a bit more water. These wipes will pull out nicely and can be torn along the perforated lines. If you use coupons and get the Bounty paper towels on sale, the cost per container of homemade wipes is a fraction of the cost of store-bought wipes! Cheers, Karen
    British Columbia, Canada


Family Finance Articles
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New Program from a Catholic Mom:  The Couponizer - The Couponizer is all about ease and convenience that saves you money. The Couponizer is a portable system for organizing, storing, and accessing coupons while you shop. It is the perfect size to fit in a purse, backpack, or just to carry in the store all by itself.
A great resource for your Catholic family or to give as a gift! Click for more information about The Couponizer

Cool Summer Savings

The summer heat is here in full force and that means BBQs, swimming pools and higher energy bills as you try to keep your cool. The good news is Read More

Frugal, Nutritious Snacks for Children

Lately, there has been a lot in the news concerning obesity in America. And not just in adults--our children are over-weight, also.  It's not surprising, considering the advertising dollars that are spent each year aimed at persuading children that potato chips, candy bars and other
"junk food" are good for them. Read More

Million Dollar Gift Giving

So you just barely survived Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and now Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner. Every time you turn around, it seems that another gift-giving occasion is looming on the horizon. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations—whew! Just thinking about it is enough to send you and your budget into a tailspin. Read More

Resource Management for Parents

Everybody has a dream. Whether you know it or not, at one time you dreamed all the time. As children grow, their imaginations grow with them. Then they become adults, and the reality of the world sets in. Have you forgotten how to dream? Do you feel as if you have no time to breath, much less make your dreams reality? Then read on.  Read More

Small Ways to Save Big Bucks

Need a little jump-start on that money-saving resolution?  Here are a few simple ideas that sound small, but will really help you save big bucks with a minimum of effort. Read More

Making Gift Wrap Paper at Home

Chances are at the holidays you’ve been tempted to make holiday wrapping paper. But you may have heard too many stories about needing to use potatoes and tempura paint that bring you back to your grade school days. Have no fear – you do have options! Read More

Beautiful and Frugal Too...Growing Your Own Herbs

Toward the end of winter, when the days start to get a little longer and there's just a hint of spring in the air, don't your thoughts always turn to gardening?  This year, why not think about starting an herb garden?  Read More

Saving Money on Preschool: Readiness Skills Needed for Kindergarten

As a mom of 4 who's youngest child is about to start Kindergarten this Fall, I'd like to share with you some things I've learned about Preschool over the last ten years, along with a list of readiness skills every child can be learning at home - whether attending Preschool or not.  Read More



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