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Life Happens
with Jaime Gregory

Additional Catholic Mom Columns

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Jaime Gregory


My Plan Didn’t Make It

When I was a child growing up in Catholic school, I knew that if I weren’t going to be a nun (wasn’t that first on every girl’s list?) I was going to be a mom.  After the brief stint of wanting to be a nun – for a whole month or so in Second grade, I knew that I wanted to be a mom.  I would grow up, get married, have children, and they in turn would go to the same Catholic school as I had.

That was my plan.

It seemed to be working.  I got married, had my first child and aimed onward to the US standard of 2.5 (or thereabouts) kids.  He started school and was going to the same Catholic school I’d attended when I was a child. 

Married- check
1st child- check
Catholic school- check
2nd child- this is where things took a turn.  As I’ve written in previous columns, we decided to adopt Internationally.

Ok- 2nd child – check
Continuing Catholic school- hmmm… Honey, why don’t we home school?

Accidental home schooler.  Yes, that would be me.  To be honest, I really don’t know how, when, or where the notion truly gained its grasp on me.  It just happened.  I get the feeling that some at the school still don’t understand our reason for leaving.  We were very involved and very happy with the school.  We didn’t leave because we were unhappy.  We left because we felt a calling to at least try “the home school thing” for a year.  It is working and we will continue to home school until it doesn’t work for us.

But, adopting and home school were never a part of my plan.  I was never opposed to either of them; I just never saw them in my life.  They weren’t part of my plan.  But that’s the problem.  I was focused on my plan.  It takes a lot to “let go and let God.”  I still don’t do that very well.  But, if I step back and look at my life, I would have to say that His plan is much better than mine ever was. 



Jaime Gregory is currently a Stay At Home & Homeschooling Mom. She graduated with BA in Communications in 1999, married, and now has two sons. Jaime states, “Being at home and taking care of my family is my job. Our family story is full of miracles, stories of angels in our midst, and of God’s plan revealing itself. I want our story to inspire others.”

© Jaime Gregory 2007



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Catholic Mom Columns

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