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Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12


On December 12, we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas.  To read more about this special feast from Catholic Online, click here.

To commemorate the Feast with your family the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recommends "
Share a special breakfast of hot chocolate and pan de dolce. Place some flowers (roses are traditional, but any flower is fine) before the family's statue of Mary."

To send a special e-greeting commemorating this feast, click here.  In celebrating this Feast, let us take special time with our families to focus on our devotions to the Blessed Mother and her intercession for us to Jesus Christ, her Son, and Our Lord. 

Project Ideas:

Hail Mary Puzzle - All you need is some heavy paper and a copy machine. Copy puzzle and have the children glue it on some heavy paper and color. Then have the children cut on the lines to make a puzzle. Have the children put the puzzle together to practice the prayer. Put puzzle pieces in an envelope or zip lock bag.

Hail Mary Worksheet - To find out how well the students know the Hail Mary, have the students fill out the worksheet using the word bank.

Crossword puzzle of Marian titles from

Madonna with the Host slide puzzle from recommends:

Our Catholic Company Store features many wonderful products related to Our Lady of Guadalupe, including books, statues, videos, cds and much more.  Click here to visit the Our Lady of Guadalupe selection at Catholic Company and thank you for your support of




The Lady of Guadalupe - Tomie dePaola recounts the appearance of the Lady of Guadalupe to a poor Indian farmer in Mexico in 1531. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Coloring Book)  - The story of Our Lady's appearances to the Mexican Indian Juan Diego in 1531, and how her image appeared miraculously on his cloak as a perpetual sign of her love and assistance for all to see. Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of America - VHS video format

Here are some pictures of the Blessed Virgin Mary for your coloring enjoyment.  To view and print each image at full size, click on the small image below.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.




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