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Alice GuntherLiving the Liturgical Year
by Alice Gunther


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From the scrapbook: Sacred and Immaculate Heart Dolls

Recently, I stumbled upon these pictures of a craft I prepared for our daughters and their friends back in May of 2002. As you will see, "Sacred and Immaculate Heart dolls" are easy to make. Begin with wooden cutouts of gingerbread girl shapes, small wooden hearts, glue, paint, and—for the Blessed Mother dolls—blue squares of felt.

June is the month of the Sacred Heart, and these dolls would make a pleasant craft to celebrate the beginning of summer!

Our daughter Theresa and friend Emily O'Neill—then aged six—display their dolls:

Works in progress:

Our friends, Mary Beth and Mary Rose, looked pleased with their projects. [In the background, you will see tissue paper Sacred Hearts, another very easy project. The tissue is lovely against a window, because the sun streams through giving the effect of a suncatcher]:

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!


Alice GuntherAlice Gunther is an attorney who gave up practicing law over a dozen years ago to nurture and home educate her seven children, now ages thirteen to one. She blogs about Catholic family life at her weblog, Cottage Blessings, and writes a column for The Long Island Catholic called “The Catholic Home.” For the past nine years, Alice has run a popular Catholic Children’s Club, celebrating the Liturgical year through crafts, prayer, stories of saints and scripture, and “Liturgical Teas.” The Teas feature symbolic menu offerings to tell the underlying stories of faith, teaching children and adults in a unique and memorable way. She is currently working on two books about home education and catechesis.

© Alice Gunther 2008


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