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Sunday, May 2, 2004 - Fourth Sunday of Easter
Gospel - John 10:27 - 30

This week's Coloring Page

4th Sunday of Easter



3. Jesus gives us eternal ____

4. Jesus says His ______ is greater than all.

5. This Sunday's Gospel reading is from the holy Gospel according to ____


1. Jesus said:  "My sheep hear my _____."

2. Jesus and His Father are ___

4. This Sunday is the ______ Sunday of Easter


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bullet This week's Coloring Page
bulletThis week we have a great interview with Sr. Mary Catharine Perry which offers information on fostering vocations and supporting religious communities - please take time to read and enjoy this interview.  You will be inspired by the ideas Sr. Mary Catharine shares! Click here to read this interview
bulletDraw a picture of Jesus, the Good Shepherd and remember to include yourself as a follower of Jesus!
bulletPractice listening this week.  Listen to the voice of Jesus as you pray.  Listen to mom or dad when they ask something of you.  Listen to a friend who might feel sad or lonely.  Listen to the sounds of nature God has given us in our beautiful world.  When the week is over, think about something you learned or heard this week that you might have missed if you hadn't been listening carefully.
bulletThis week we have a special World Day of Prayer for Vocations - click here for more information on how your family can pray for vocations. recommends:

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This week's readings and gospel
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