Hosting a Holy Family Party


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A participant at recently brought up the concept of a parish-hosted "Holy Family Party" to celebrate the holiday season with a special emphasis on the Holy Family.  The following are some ideas for hosting a party that will be fun and memorable for guests of all ages.


* Begin and end the evening with a prayer.  Create the environment beforehand for a quiet yet fun evening.  Don't forget music, softly playing in the background. Keep the evening simple and short (time is precious during the holiday season). 

* Ask each family to give their dish a fun name related to the Holy Family (ie. "Baby Jesus' baked beans, Joseph's favorite Sawdust pie, etc...) and have little name cards by the food for fun with the names.

* The families rotate to centers, calling the trip around the room the "Journey to Bethlehem" .  Plan the number of centers by the number of families attending, with two to three families at each center for approximately 15 minutes.

* At one center have a poster board for each family with markers and let the family work together to create their own Holy Family poster with their own impressions and then post all of the posters in a gallery at mass on Sunday.

* For another center have a kids game - pin the tail on the donkey seems to be a natural, but you could do "Bethlehem bean bag toss" or something similar.

*  At the final center, have all of the families assemble into a living nativity where everyone joins in as the characters (pick the main players before and the rest can all portray shepherds and wise men).  All of the families join in singing a few carols with lighting dimmed.

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