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Lenten Activities for Children

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Lent is a special time when you can share the concepts of prayer and giving with your children.  Take family time each day to offer devotional prayers.  Consider as a family how you might help others in need by giving of your time or resources.  Even very young children can understand and will enjoy participating in the process.  As a mother, carve out time in your day for your own special prayer time.  This may involve early rising or time spent away from a favorite hobby or activity.  


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Catholic Faith Facts Q&A for Lent And Easter (Catholic Faith Facts)

Quiz yourself and others with fascinating Catholic Faith Facts! Students, catechumens, youth, and families ... Play your way to a fuller Lenten experience. Everyone will have fun celebrating and embracing their Catholic identity with Catholic Faith Facts: Q & A for Lent and Easter. Each card features three questions of varying degrees of difficulty about one aspect of Lent or Easter: perfect for the Church, the classroom, or the dinner table! Build confidence in your understanding of Catholic Tradition while developing a deeper appreciation for the richness of this glorious season. 

Lent Easter Book (Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions)

The Lent –Easter Book is designed for use by teachers, DRE’s, parents and any one interested in passing on to children our faith traditions and symbols. The reproducible section contains material that you can use throughout the Lent-Easter season. There is a guide for the Sacrament of Reconciliation that can be reproduced and made by the students. One page plays on the scenes from the Way of the Cross can be used as dramatized prayers, discussion starters, or class plays. Two versions of Stations of the Cross booklets (one for younger children, one for older children) are provided. Many activities and reproducible pages.


My Catholic Lent & Easter Activity Book




The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Children
Loyola Press, 48 Pages



Before and After Easter: Activities and Ideas for Lent to Pentecost
Paperback, 64 pages





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