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Clopper the Christmas Donkey
by Emily King
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Kregel Publications; (November, 2004)

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Beautifully illustrated, the true story of Christmas uniquely told by Mary and Joseph’s adorable donkey, Clopper. There’s only one thing Clopper likes as much as eating—that’s an adventure! When Joseph, and Mary travel to Bethlehem, Clopper “he-haws” at the wonderful sights and sounds of the city. Weary from the journey, he settles in for the night. But that’s when the excitement really begins!

Book Reviewed by Joy
What is this book about?

This book is about how Joseph and Mary go on a journey and then the little baby Jesus comes.

What makes this book special?

This book is special because Jesus is or savior the one who died on the cross for us and they talk about the journey and how he was born.

Who should read this book?

I think everyone should read this book because everyone should know about the journey and how Jesus Christ was born.

Please share a one paragraph review of this book.

There is this Donkey named Clopper and one day Joseph and Mary took Clopper on a journey. They went form inn to inn and couldn't find a room. Mary was expecting a baby and she needed to rest. Finally they found an innkeeper who let them stay in his stable. Then Mary had baby Jesus, our savior. Then the three shepherds saw an angel. The angel told them that the Christ Jesus was born. The three shepherds then came running to the stable and saw baby Jesus lying there in the manger. Then angels came singing. Recommends


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Additional by Kids for Kids Book Reviews
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