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Bible Wars & Weapons
by Rick Osborne, Marnie Wooding, Ed Strauss, Michael Moore
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Zonderkidz; (September 1, 2002)

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As part of the new 252 series for boys, Bible Soldiers, Armies, and Battles will excite, teach, and hold the attention of boys 8 to 12. Boys will come away from reading these books with a knowledge of how to be deeper, cooler, stronger, smarter for God.

Book Reviewed by Eric

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What is this book about?

This book is about battles, action, and adventure in Bible times, all of which come straight from the pages of the bible.

What makes this book special?

This book accurately recounts the battles of ancient times in the Bible in words that a young boy can easily understand. It is filled with maps and illustrations to further kids' understanding of the battle. It also encourages boys to "Get Smarter, Stronger, Deeper, and Cooler" in their faith of God.

Who should read this book?

On the back of the book, it said boys age 8-12, but I think that it should be from 7-11.

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Hot Pursuit. Battle Cries. Secret Plans. The Thunder of Chariots. What could be more exciting to a boy? In this book, boys can find out about all the adventure in the Bible. If your child thinks that the Bible is just a boring book of people wanting to be holy, this will prove them wrong. Action packed illustrations and maps along with easy-to-read stories show children battles like the Siege of Jericho and the Battle of Ai. Also, this book covers a different kind of war: the fight between God and the devil whenever you have to make a hard decision. This book encourages you to "Get Smarter, Stronger, Deeper, and Cooler" in your faith. In short: buy this book for your action-craving child. Recommends


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