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Lenten Resources


The season of a Lent is a highlight in the Catholic calendar.  An opportunity for "spiritual self improvement", Lent focuses on an increased emphasis on prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  In the weeks ahead, we will work to provide you with resources and information on how to use the season of Lent as a wonderful preparation period for the joy of Easter and the Resurrection.


Lenten Resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Complete Directory of Lent and Easter Products at The Catholic Company

Lent and Your Family

Lent is a special time when you can share the concepts of prayer and giving with your children.  Take family time each day to offer devotional prayers.  Consider as a family how you might help others in need by giving of your time or resources.  Even very young children can understand and will enjoy participating in the process.  As a mother, carve out time in your day for your own special prayer time.  This may involve early rising or time spent away from a favorite hobby or activity.  


Lenten Resources for
Your Family:

Stations of the Cross Shrine Set

A beautiful and rustic 14 piece set of the Stations of the Cross for outdoor or indoor use. These are made of solid cedar wood and finished with cedar or walnut exterior grade stain. Each image is individually printed on metal plates which are then permanently fastened to the Shrine. These make great pieces for gardens, prayer paths, Church yards, or home chapels!

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Online Stations of the Cross:


7 Ways to Make Lent Joyful:

* Start all prayers with praise
* Take time with God in a beautiful place
* Don't carry the world's pain on your own back
* Fast for the sake of richer food - the daily Eucharist
* Take flowers and a smile to a sick person

* Reconcile with an estranged friend

* Compliment someone for making the world better
From Catholic Update, 2/95 St. Anthony Messenger Lent Feature
Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday, we begin Lent.  The sacramental ashes, made from burned palms from the prior year's Palm Sunday, are blessed and remind us that "You are dust and unto dust you shall return".   Ashes are a symbol of penance made sacramental by the blessing of the Church, and they help us develop a spirit of humility and sacrifice.

Fasting and Abstinence

Those who are physically capable are called to abstain from eating meat on Ash Wednesday and on all Fridays during Lent.  Fasting consists of one full meatless meal and other limited meatless meals as required to maintain strength.  The young, the elderly  and those with health concerns are not required to fast.  This sacrificial fasting and abstinence should be done with the goal of spiritual development and conversion.

  • Meatless Meals - observe the Church's regulations for abstinence with these Lenten recipes from the tables of our Catholic Moms


click here to pray the stations of the cross online


Lenten book recommendations

These books are available for online purchase through Amazon by clicking on the titles below.  Your purchase helps support - Click here for a complete listing of Lenten Book recommendations.


As we progress through the season of Lent we will continue to seek out resources to share with you.  We welcome your suggestions as well.  Please direct any comments to 

Purchase your Lenten devotional materials here and support

Meatless Meals Observe the Church's regulations for abstinence with these Lenten recipes from the tables of our Moms.

Catholic Faith Facts Q&A for Lent And Easter (Catholic Faith Facts)

Quiz yourself and others with fascinating Catholic Faith Facts! Students, catechumens, youth, and families ... Play your way to a fuller Lenten experience. Everyone will have fun celebrating and embracing their Catholic identity with Catholic Faith Facts: Q & A for Lent and Easter. Each card features three questions of varying degrees of difficulty about one aspect of Lent or Easter: perfect for the Church, the classroom, or the dinner table! Build confidence in your understanding of Catholic Tradition while developing a deeper appreciation for the richness of this glorious season. 


Into The Desert:
Reflections For Lent
by George Lacey, OSB

This book is a series of reflections the days of lent, based on the daily scripture readings.


Lent: An Uncommon
Love Story
by Antoinette Bosco

An insightful, often poignant reflection on the season of Lent - a season of the Church year that is mirrored by seasons in our lives.

Also available through the Catholic Company - click here.

Read a sample chapter


Quantum Grace:
The Sunday Readings:
 Lenten Reflections on Creation and Connectedness

by Judy Cannato

Quantum Grace:
Lenten Reflections
on Creation and Connectedness

by Judy Cannato

A book of compelling daily Lenten reflections. Author Judy Cannato invites us during the season of Lent to look at our beliefs, decisions, and actions and the ways they affect our personal lives and the lives of others.



Chocolate for Lent
By Hilary Brand

Using themes from the film Chocolat, this unique approach to the season creates the space for deeper insights into self-discipline, self-giving, conversion, acceptance and maturing in Christ. Ideal for personal spiritual reading. Perfect for parish Lenten programs, prayer groups, RCIA groups, adult faith formation, or anyone who loves God, movies and chocolate!  Includes material for individual reflection and a complete guide for group leaders.

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