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Lenten Grapevine
idea submitted by Theresa MK



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I came up with an idea that was inspired by several books on Catholic Lenten traditions, particularly with children. The kids are so excited about it, they can hardly contain themselves.

Yesterday, we went out and bought a 6'x6' light blue felt panel. I also bought a yard each (72" wide) of sage, kelly green, lavender, and pink, and several squares of white & two of orange. We hung the blue on the dining room wall. Then we cut out a grapevine (the kind coming out of the ground--like a tree trunk) and branches and tacky-glued it to the blue panel. To the left of the trunk, I wrote "I AM THE VINE..." and to the right I wrote "You Are The Branches." Each of us wrote our name at the base of a branch, and my 9-year-old daughter's two closest friends were so enthused that they asked to participate, so they got their own branches, too.

Here's the catch. Right now, the vine is barren. I just spent the past 1-1/2 hours drawing grape cluster on the lavender felt and cutting them out. I'm also going to do a variety of green leaves. They'll all go in a basket. Each time someone does something good, if someone else notices, then they get to reward the good-doer with either a cluster of grapes or a leaf for their branch. No one can reward themselves. They're going nuts being nice to each other and rewarding each other. This house is bursting at the seams with love! OK, I know it will wax and wane, but I'm taking it for all it's worth!!!

The other colors are for Holy Saturday. By then, our grapevine should be overflowing with the fruits of our good deeds and love for each other, as God's love is for us. The grapes & leaves represent our bringing God's love to others. We have a green 6" wide strip across the bottom which is the "ground", and on Holy Saturday, we'll spend a couple of hours cutting out and gluing on pink, yellow, and lavender flowers. The white is for some puffy clouds and a couple of doves, and the orange is for a sun to go up in the corner.

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