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Catholic Religious Education Lesson Plans for Sunday Gospel and Readings
Thank you to Laura Grace, from St. Nicholas Chapel at the Pax River Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, MD for generously sharing her Catholic Religious Education lesson plans and activities.  To share your activities and ideas, email with your suggestions.

Liturgical Year Resources:



Liturgical calendar information.

Liturgical calendar information.

Printed Resources:

Liturgical Colors (matching), 100 Activities Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church: For Grades 1 to 8 by Ellen Rossini, page 60.


Liturgical Year (fill in the blanks), Christ Our Life by Loyola Press, Grade 6: God Calls a People, page 95 (students), page T125 (teachers) with answers.


Church Year Complete-A-Project, Catechist (magazine), November/December 2006, Vol., No. 3, page 27.  (This is a nice lesson to introduce the Church year).


Online Activities:

Liturgical year activities.

Celebration color wheel.

Church year wheel.

The Liturgical Year cross word puzzle.

Liturgical year activity.

Liturgical Year journey staff.

Liturgical Year and Seasons Activities 

Activity down near bottom.

Online Liturgical game.

Liturgical Year bulletin board.

What is Ordinary Time?  (Follow these directions to discover a message). 

Click on Family Pages on the left.  Click on Venture on the right.  Then click on What is Ordinary Time?



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