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The following is a growing list of Internet resources which will provide you with a variety of reference materials.  The content of the sites you access has not been created by  A preliminary review of these sites has been made, however due to the fast-changing nature of the Internet, it is possible that their value would change.  As always, whenever your child is accessing the Internet, we recommend that a parent be with them to supervise their usage.  If you would like to share a link you enjoy or comment on any of the links provided, please e-mail Lisa at   Happy surfing and be sure to check back soon for additional links.

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Catholic Internet Ministry Links

  • - providing quality content and resources for Catholic parishes and web sites
  • Catholic Online
  • Catholic Company - Catholic Books and Catholic Gifts! Our store features an outstanding selection of Catholic Books and Gifts including Catholic Bibles, Catholic Catechisms, Bible Studies, Rosaries, Crosses, Crucifixes, Miraculous Medals, Statues, Catholic Jewelry, Art, Music, Videos, and Church Supplies!
  • Kim's Catholic Links - a great resource for finding information related to Catholicism
  • Totally Catholic Link Directory - Find helpful sites at this comprehensive directory

  • - CatholiCity features wholesome, active and fully-moderated Email Discussion Groups; free Catholic audio tapes; free Catholic novels by Bud Macfarlane Jr.; and a comprehensive, screened, keyword-searchable links page to hundreds of Catholic and Pro-Life sites.

  • - a great resource for internet searches of Catholic sites.

  • - a compilation of Catholic web resources organized into an easily usable format

  • - a wonderful e-zine from the Diocese of Lansing filled with great information and articles

  • RC.Net - Our mission is twofold: to offer safer Internet access to individuals, families, and organizations, and to assist Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools and organizations in establishing their presence on the Web, thus helping to strengthen the Catholic Community on the Internet

  • Called by Joy - Send a free Franciscan e-card at this great web site by the Poor Clares of Spokane, Washington

  • JoyNotes - A daily dose of fun and inspiration to start your day in a positive way.  Join us for our daily thoughts, e-cards, recipes and more
  • Catholic Information and Resources - a comprehensive listing of reliable Catholic resources, indexed by subject and including PetersNet ratings
  • Everything Catholic - a search engine and comprehensive listing of links for Roman Catholics

  • Presentation Ministries - dedicated to helping Roman Catholics in their personal lives of discipleship under the lordship of Jesus Christ

  • Spirituality of Padre Pio - Devotions to Padre Pio
  • Catholic Sanctuary - A Catholic community faithful to the magisterium of the church. Catholic chat, forums, and articles, as well as a full singles and dating site for the single Catholics who wish to use it.
  • The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis - Lay Catholic Association of faithful, single and married, committed to living in humility, simplicity, prayer and penance, according to the Rule of Life written by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1221. A lot of Mothers among us.
  • The Confraternity of Penitents - a worldwide private Catholic Association of the Faithful headquartered in the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, USA, with the permission of Bishop Robert Mulvee. The Confraternity's Rule of Life has been reviewed by the Diocese of Providence and deemed acceptable to be lived by the laity in their own homes. The members of the Confraternity are totally in line with the teachings of the Pope and the Magisterium. We have a four year formation program which can be completed in local gatherings or via internet instruction or postal mail.



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