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Lord of History Playing Cards  

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Lord of History of Front Royal has introduced its new product, the "Lord of History" card game.

bulletSimple, inexpensive, low-effort, fun way to introduce children to key people and events in world history, while highlighting their Catholic significance.
bulletClear succinct facts about 24 famous men and women from the arts, politics, exploration, literature and religious life, spanning the 3rd to the 20th centuries, put into a challenging and educational game for the whole family.
bulletVivid, historically accurate full color artwork depicting each historical figure.
bulletA glimpse of the real drama which lies within world history --- the history of salvation

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Catholic Mom Review

"I like that there is a game that goes with these cards.  The cards give good information about each person that you could use for reports at school.  There are colorful pictures on the front of the cards.  It would be fun to collect these cards because they teach you about holy people."

Eric, age 10


At $9.95 for 24 cards, the Lord of History playing card set may initially seem more expensive than what you would pay for a typical pack of trading cards for your school age child.  However, this is NOT a typical pack of trading cards.  From the moment you open the handy plastic case the cards come in, you will notice the high quality of this product.  The beautiful and detailed artwork on the front of each heavy duty, glossy card depicts the individual engaged in a scene from his or her life.  The information on the back of the card offers significant dates and biographical data for each person, as well as their importance in salvation history.

The cards will be helpful to any school age child looking to learn more about historical figures.  The bright, attractive artwork will make them appealing to younger children as well, who will easily memorize the names of the individuals as well as pieces of their "stories".  You may want to consider purchasing plastic card holders for your Lord of History  cards, as you will want to encourage your children to handle, read and play with these cards...and you'll probably learn a thing or two yourself as you play along!

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