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It's All About Kids
featuring Melissa Martz

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Melissa Martz


A Child-Friendly Parish

Going to church as a family is a truly joyous occasion. Right? Well, maybe sometimes. Every parents dream come true when coming to church is to have their children participate, feel important and needed at church; but most importantly WANT to come to church!

Imagine if that would happen in every Parish; where there would be a smorgasbord of jobs or initiatives geared to the children and youth. Think of the possibilities that could emerge, possibilities such as an increase in vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life in their young adult years when they experience that church is a pretty cool place to be in their childhood/youth years.

Look at the following list of ways we can cater to the children and youth of today (and the future) when they come to church each week. Feel free to take a few of these ideas and implement them in your own Parish; and witness them flourish with excited and interested children and youth about their Catholic Faith.

*Children’s Liturgy Program

*Children’s / Youth Choirs

*Youth Ministry

*CYO (Catholic Youth Organization)

*Gift Bearers


*Eucharistic Ministers (for youth that are Confirmed)

*Altar Servers

*serve on Parish Council

*Christmas Pageant

*Easter story dramatization

*Stations of the Cross dramatized

*Children’s Bulletins/Youth Bulletins

*Children’s Bulletin Boards/Youth Bulletin Boards

*Nursery with a Speaker System

*Diaper Changing area in bathrooms

*High Chairs/Booster seats for Parish Events

*Bible Study specifically for children/youth

*serve on Social Committee (helping with Parish special events)

*Help in Parish Office

This is just a sampling of the umpteen jobs/initiatives that can take effect in your Parish to make it more “child-friendly.”

Melissa Martz is a childcare provider living in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. In the past she has been a Children’s Liturgy Coordinator and Teacher, Youth Ministry Leader, worked locally for World Youth Day 2002, as well as volunteering with numerous other organizations.  With all of Melissa’s knowledge and experience, she is eager to begin publishing Catholic Children’s Literature. You may contact Melissa by email at


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