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Miracle at the County fair
by Fran

This summer my husband and I decided we wanted to take the boys age 15 and 18 to the county fair. We felt this will probably be the last time that  the boys would want to go somewhere like this with us (aging parents).

It started out a wonderful evening, a little dusty but we still managed to go threw the horse barns , the cow barns, the boys really had fun in the small animal barn with the rabbits and turkeys. I was just enjoying the time spent with my boys as we also have three girls that have married and moved away. I wanted to save every minute and remember always.

After a few hours of walking around, we decided to take a break. My oldest son wanted a flavored ice drink and an elephant ear. So we found a picnic table and I went to get the treats. After the boys finished we decided we where tired and wanted to go home but my oldest son wanted to go threw one more barn, the barn with all the produce. So off we went. We were half way threw the barn when my son came up to me and said. "Mom does it look like my lips are swollen, they feel funny, then within minutes he said Mom I can't swallow." I knew right there he was having an allergic reaction. Now this was the son that does not have allergies and is hardly ever sick.

For some strange reason, before we went to the fair I put Benedryl in my purse, I do not use Benedryl but I thought at the time that maybe my other son who has asthma might be allergic to the barns. And this was the first time I actually put it in my purse and carried it with me.

Also while I was looking for it in my purse, My sons face was turning red. and I thought How is he going to swallow this pill without water, and I looked to the right and low and behold there was a Water softener booth giving out free drinks of water.

So my son took the pill and drank the water and HE was fine.

I think it was a small miracle, for me to have the benedryl in my purse and for the water to be right there when we needed it.   My husband the unbeliever thinks it was all a coincidence!    What do you think?       Peace in Christ  Fran


Are you Catholic?
by Anne Marie Blecha

Last year, my daughter's 1st grade class (Catholic school) wrote letters of appreciation to the priests in our parish. I found a copy of my daughter's letter in her backpack. It began:

"Dear Father Clarence,
You are a great and nice priest. I like your sermons. I am Catholic. Are you?..."


Catholic Quiz
by Sharon Salle

The other day, I was quizzing my son Steven, who is 5 years old and in 1st grade. I asked him "Where did Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee to from Herod's soldiers?" He was thinking for a moment while I was trying to help him out by saying "it starts with an E". He replied "England?"


Concerned About Jesus
by Julie Ann

When my oldest son started CCD in kindergarten, his teacher took all the kids around the inside of the church, explaining what things were and what they were for. Our parish has 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration and she took the children there for a brief stay, as well. After my son came home, he ran up to me quite upset. "Mommy! They have Jesus at church and He is locked up in a box in a secret room!"


How Can You Argue
by Eileen Taylor

My middle son would smile sweetly and say "Yes father" whenever our priest would ask him "Are you saying all your prayers?" I would cringe knowing that my five year old would bounce into bed at night without bending to pray.

Each time he would say "Yes" I would take him aside and say "Now don't tell lies Declan" and he would smile. One day when I asked him why he sighed and looked at me with pity. " Mommy he said don't you know?". Of course I had no idea what he was talking about but was amused at where his five year old mind was wandering. Hugging me he started to explain.

"I know it's wrong to lie mommy and when I do I feel sorry and God knows." I told him he was right but that God knowing he was sorry was not a reason to lie. He furrowed his brow his brow. I knew that I was not fully understanding his logic. "I know that " he reprimanded "I know that I should not lie and I try not to." I was confused. "What do you men then Declan?" I asked. He smiled brightly and his little eyes gleamed. It was time to let mommy in on the secret. " I don't kneel by my bed to pray because by the time I think of what I want to say God already knows and he is so busy I don't want to waste his time by repeating myself."