Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

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Mother's Day Celebration at

On Mother's Day, we pause to commemorate and express our love to the special women in our lives who have served as parent, God-parent, companion, mentor, spiritual guide and friend.  

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A special thank you to Tina, Sassy and Bea for giving words to those emotions we all hold so deeply in our hearts.

To Our Blessed Mother on Mothers Day

Our Blessed Mother is without sin
God gave her Grace so he could live within
Our Mother is from a special place
Her heart and life were full of grace
To our Lord she gave life and love
Her strength to sacrifice came from above
She coddled, fed Him, and wiped his tears
She saw Him through those tender years
Jesus soon grew to be a man, she had to let go
Where life was to lead Him she did not know
As her Son preformed miracles, what could she have thought?
It must have been a joy to see the happiness her Son brought
Then the day she stood below the cross
What pain, sorrow and agony, her ultimate loss
To watch her Son die in such pain
She had to wonder what has He to gain?
When did she know, it was for us he had to die?
How much less would it have made her cry?
As a mother, could you put yourself in her place?
Could you give your son over to save the human race?
God picked Our Mother Mary because He knew
She had what it would take to see His plan through.
On this Day we owe her so much, and we should say
Thank you, our love and praise on this Mother's Day!

Tina Rivenbark

Motherís Day 2002

I rememberÖ
 Your loving hand capping my head as 
your finger traced my chin
The sparkle in your eyes brought 
to your lips a grin
Your gaze held mine through feedings 
giving security
Your laughter placed such joy 
deep inside of me
You sang to me; read me books;
 we played endless games
The legacy you gave to me was 
one of joy not pain
My teen years were a struggle for you
as they were for me
Thank you Mom for being there
as I became who I was to be
Thank you for instilling 
truth and honesty
For showing me who Jesus is
how he died for me
Thank you for not bending
for standing firm and tall
In your doing this 
I saw your love most of all
Now that Iím a mother
my hope is for my children to see
A reflection of my mother
deep inside of me

Sassy 2002

The Month of Mary,
May with an "R"

Mary, O, Mary-May with an "R"
May I call you mother?
O, Mother of Jesus
O, Mother of God

When I feel so alone
May I run to your knees
And there bury my head?
O, tell me "yes", please

May I run to your side
When I'm wounded and hurt?
May my soul still approach you
Though it's covered with dirt?

O, You Holy Virgin,
Who never knew sin
Show me the way
To once more begin

Show me the way
Show me your Son
Show me the Father
And Spirit in One

Show me the lessons,
As a good mother would,
Of how to please God
And do only good.

O, this month of Mary
May with an "R"
Draw me closer to Him
Never let me be far.

Copyright 2006 Beatrice Gordon




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